Grocery/Errand Day Accomplished!

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I just completed my first grocery/errand day with I almost did everything I wanted to do…

I went to goodwill and donate a huge trash bag full of old toys [decluttering]

I payed a bill for my hubby [he sprung this on me on the last minute so instead of going to the library i went there instead, gotta prioritize…i am hoping to go to the library tomorrow]

I went to the grocery store completely organized and only bought a couple things off of my list. [very good considering i could do alot worse and get completely side tracked]

I came home to a fairly clean home, everything was picked up [all that was on the floor were my sons cheerios that he had been eating before we left, man those things get everywhere!], sink just a shinin’ when I walked in the door, all in all a very productive organized day. I haven’t check all of my e-mails for today so I am a little behind in that but I am hoping to catch up tomorrow.

We had a little treat for supper today, hubby ordered some pizza. We haven’t ordered or gone out to eat in a while [which is a good thing, i am not complaining, i love to cook, and their isn’t no telling how many calories are in a fast food burger or slice of pizza], but the bad thing is I ate 3 slices! That is almost half a pizza. I weighed myself this morning and I lost 2 lbs [making me to be at 125 lbs.], but I believe I just ate it all back in one sitting. I’m hoping to get a few minutes in on the treadmill tonight before I go to bed. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to stay on their because my knee has been hurting ever since I got home from my errands. I don’t know why it is hurting because I even wore my ugly knee brace to do my running around because I knew I was going to be doing a lot of walking.

Well I’m off to go read to my son before I put him down for the night [ i know it is late, we are a little off schedule].

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  1. January 6, 2006 / 11:17 am

    Wow Your an inspiration to all us stay at home Mommies!
    Im glad to see your so motivated in being a great housewife and Mom. Its awesome!
    Your making me want to get up right now and organize better haha.
    Im sick with a nasty cold tho… so Im trying to take it easy. Although I do kinda feel like going to the Library now… Caleb loves it there.

    Whoa…11:44 pm according to your blog post time is late! LOL P-nut is a night owl. If Caleb stayed up that late he’d be a total wreck. :-)

    I like the new profile pic of u and P-nut as well, to cute.

  2. She
    January 6, 2006 / 11:16 pm

    Awww thanx, by blogging about what I have accomplished during the day it makes me more motivated for tomorrrow. I am in the decluttering stage, so everyday I go around and find items to donate to goodwill….flylady calls them “blessings”, if I am not going to use them and they are just sitting around the house collecting dust then why not bless someone else with that item that might have some use for it. Hey, that could be my next blog post, I’ll save that idea for my next post, I’ll probably repeat that sentence so pretend you didn’t just read…lol ;).

    I know, I always tend to blog really late….I’m such a night owl….I just recently put p-nut on his own before bed routine and I’m trying to have him in bed by 8. First night, so far so good.

    Thanx, that is actually my current webcam image….I have one link url that I change whenever I feel like updating the webcam image and it changes the pic wherever I put that url, blogger profile, webcam portal, etc. That is probably why you see it change so often.

    I’ve been real busy with this flylady stuff that I haven’t been working on my website like I used to during the day, I miss it alot…I’m going to add a web day into my schedule so I can get my weekly website fix. I have to constantly be changing html or I just don’t feel like I’ve accomplished anything. I am such an internet nerd. that’s what hubby calls me, but i think he is just jealous because he can’t read html like i can, actually he can’t read it at all….lol.

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