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February’s FlyLady task is Decluttering your home, purse, and car.  The past two days I have successfully decluttered and organized under the kitchen sink and under the bathroom sink.  I threw away old cleaning supplies that didn’t really do the job but I was holding on to in hopes that they would miraculously become a different *better* chemical that would actually do the job.  I threw away old makeup [some were from high school], hair products [that make my hair greasy or didn’t do what they promised to do], beauty appliances [broken or that I would never use].  I put the items that someone else might have some use for in the “goodwill box”.  The “goodwill box” is now full and ready to be taken to the store.

In addition to decluttering, I also caught up on the laundry.  I just have two more loads to finish.  Everything is folded, hung, and put away.

We are in the market for a bigger place [apartment or house, house preferrably].  We have just outgrown the little studio/basement apartment that we are currently in.  I have an appointment to go look at a house today @ 2.  Hopefully no one has rented it yet.  Wish me luck…I’m off!

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  1. February 3, 2006 / 3:46 pm

    Happy house and apartment hunting. I enjoy doing that. We need something bigger. We have a nice large 2 bedroom. But it be nice to have an extra bedroom for guest or a second baby. Our deal right now at this current rental place is awesome. Cant really pass on it just yet. We only pay $490 a month and that includes GAS HEAT and water/sewer. Gas heat in Northern Ohio will cost an average person 200-400 dollars a month ALONE. Crazy huh? So for ours to be free is awesome. I can keep our apartment at a very warm and cozy 72’F and not worry about the bill lol.

    Travis hates it that warm tho. He likes it at 68’F

    I decluttered my closet this morning. Got rid of a huge bag of clothes I didnt wear any more. And finally put away my maternity stuff that I havent worn since Caleb was born. Its just been sitting in my closet all messy like… its now in a nice organized box. Feels good to de-clutter things! Next top kitchen haha!

  2. She
    February 4, 2006 / 7:17 pm

    Sounds to me you have a pretty sweet deal at the apartment you are at. I doubt we will get the apartment that we looked at because there were already 3 applications on the table and one lady was filling one out as we were looking at the house.

    I get a huge relief when I drop off a box of clutter to goodwill knowing that someone else will get good use out of my junk.

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