Pouch Sling

I am really getting into this babywearing gig. I love being able to have my hands free yet be bonding with my child at the same time. Over the past couple of months I’ve bought several different carriers.

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Sling from Baby Dagny

This is your typical pouch sling. I love this sling because it is so easy and simple to use. All you do is slip it on your shoulder and put your child in it. There is no learning curve with this type of baby carrier. For first time babywearers like me I would recommend using this one to start off with then gradually build your way up to the more advanced slings and carriers.


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    That sling is the best even if I put my dog in it. Did you tell hubby about it yet? lol

    I’m going to get another one when I can find a sale.

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    I tried baby-wearing with both my kids using a regular ol’ front pack. Sierra hated it and Tyler is just too big for it to be comfortable for me (he’s a 16lb 3 month old…ouchers on the back!). Maybe for our third baby I’ll buy one of the sling-types. They look so much more comfortable than what I have! (btw: don’t let my hubby know I’m already thinking about baby #3…lol).

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    I see these more and more and they just look aweomse I am trying toget them for contests on pjmommy did you buy yours online which place would you recommend