Burger Kings giving Kids Healthier Choices

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Product Photography:  Burger Kings new Kids Meal Line UpToday the family and I, all six of us, went to Burger King (appropriately named “burger doodle” by my toddler) to try out the new kid’s menu we have seen advertised so much. I was most intrigued by the new apple fries that I’ve seen the King himself feeding his little kidlets on all the commercials. For those of you that do not know the Apple Fries are nothing more than an apple sliced up to look like french fries. They come in a cute french fry box and only have 25 calories for the whole pack.

Another new item on the kid’s menu is everyone’s favorite, macaroni and cheese. Two of the boys ordered mac and cheese to which they gobbled up in mere seconds! I would say they really liked it. All of the kid’s meal’s we got with juice and apple fries.

Product Photography:  Burger KingI on the other hand went for big and juicy with Burger King’s new Steakburger! If I had one word to describe this burger it would be AWESOME! It is huge which is a plus it also different in the fact that it has crispy onions, steak sauce, and cheese on top of it. Yummy!!! And since Burger King carries my favorite drink in the whole world, a Frozen Coke, I had to get that to finish off my meal with.

Speaking of drinks, have you tried their Mocha BK Joe Iced Coffee drink? It is wonderful. It is the consistency of milk with a burst of coffee and chocolate flavors. I’ve had other iced coffee’s from other fast food chains and in my honest opinion Burger King has the best hands down! It really hits the spot when your craving something cold, and coffee like. And at only two dollars, come on you can’t be that not even your favorite coffee house can beat that!!!

I also want to give a personal thanks to the employee’s at Burger King for being patient, kind, and offering fast, reliable service. It isn’t everyday you see a busy mom with four kidlets ordering a bunch of happy meals with special orders.

Go check out burgerking.com to learn more about the new items on the kid’s menu as well as keep up to date with all other menu items that they might be adding!!!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Burger King

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