Superman goes for a Wash

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Superman Injured?Apparently, one little kidlet thought it would be funny to put Superman in the wash. Oh poor Superman, you weren’t designed for such adventures. When he came out lets just say he was less than his typical gorgeous self. As I discovered Superman in the laundry I envisioned how my three year old little super hero would react to his idol being a little less than perfect. When I gave him his favorite Super Hero his reaction was completely priceless. He looks at me and says “OH NO, Swuperman! I wash him, Mommy”. I said “Yes you did, and that is what happens when you leave your toys in the wash”. He looks at me with the most concerned look on his face and says “Mama, I fix him!” He then runs to the bathroom grabs his toothbrush and begins to scrub Superman’s face. It was a sweet gesture but Superman isn’t looking any better. Apparently Super Heroes are blue underneath not pink like normal people. Pnut tried so very hard to fix up his dear friend with not much success but it was nice to see him care so much about his little friend. So sweet. Maybe next time we should give superman a waterproof bandage when he wants to take a swim in the washing machine.

I think it is so precious to see how our children interact, pretend, and play with their toys and friends. Does your child have a favorite toy, object, game, etc.? What kind of relationship does your child have with that object? Do you have any funny stories?

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  1. July 26, 2008 / 2:36 pm

    My three year old absolutely loves her Dora baby. She does almost everything with her but that’s no surprise she’s learned to be that way from her two older sisters.

    Pnut’s response was too cute! And your picture is really nice :-)

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