Them Boots

Them Boots

Do you see the boots that my son is wearing in the photo taken above? Those are his favorite pair of boots to date. My mother stumbled upon these fun little character boots at a yard sale about a month ago and to this date the boots have not left my son’s feet. He just absolutely loves them and refuses to wear any other kind of shoes whenever we leave the house.

Oh yes doesn’t he look fashionable with his basketball get up and green wormy boots to match! LOL. This is such a cute little stage that he is in. And I know many of you have seen a mother at the store with a child in hand with weird footwear as well. I can remember a time when I thought to myself “Why on earth does she let her child wear that weird stuff out of the house?” Now being “that mother” it makes perfect sense, it is for one reason and one reason only. Because it is just too gosh darn cute!!!

Like many aspects of our children’s lives, this is just a phase that will soon pass so I definitely wanted to highlight on it now before it is just a passing memory.


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    I so love that stage, my son is there too. They just love to have a bit of control in their own lives. He looks rockin’ awesome!

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    doh, i’m reading your sidebar and now i have the man who sold the world running through my head… i love love that picture of your little boy, kids clothes are soooo cute, i wish they made them in adult sizes, i would be IN… happy WW!

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    So funny I just had to laugh! I remember my little brother adored his rubber boots when he was a toddler. That was all he’d wear, even if it was just a diaper and his boots. These are much more stylish though!

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    I love rainboots! Kids have the cutest ones- I even bought my first adult pair this year!
    PS Still getting compliments on my graphics!

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    My 3yo has a pair like that, but they’re camouflage. We secretly hid them away in the closet because he wore them so often and his feet sweat so bad in them in the summer heat that they STUNK! Funny little boys…

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    oh how cute! (The child and the boots!) My daughter wears her princess dresses out to the store, and i just let her b/c it won’t be long and she’ll decide that is for babies… but she loves it when folks comment that she is a princess!

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    My Mum use to let me pick my outfits out when I was a kid, haha. I think it’s great when parents let their kids wear what they want.

    But I dont like seeing threee year old girls dressed up like a teenager, you can then tell that the mother dressed them then.

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    Too cute – I agree… you’ve gotta just let them do this :) My daughter, who is 2, is in a swimsuit phase right now. She wants to wear her swimsuit all the time. Of course, there are times when that’s not possible, but for the most part I choose not to fight that battle :) Its a phase.

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    Oh goodness—I am 20 and I BEG my mom for adorable rain boots! Though for my size they’re a bit pricy ($50 or more!). Your son is lucky!