Outdoor Vlogging (Day 84)

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Today I attempted to make a vlog outside. That is until my batteries died and I had to go inside to charge them. By the time they were charged, I stepped back outside to try and do another take but the weather had other plans for me because it started to rain. So the vlogging outdoors idea didn’t really hold up to well.

84/365:  Vlogging Take One

Vlogging outdoors has proven to be a bit of a challenge not only because of the weather aspect but also because I didn’t really realize how much noise is outdoors until I tried to film a video. Birds singing, children playing, cars whizzing up the street (especially if you live in the city) all of these outside noises are things that can’t be controlled and all of these things get picked up easily when trying to make a video. I’m not sure I’ll be doing much outdoor vlogging right now. Not until I learn how to “control” (and I say that very loosely because how can one really control the great outdoors) my outside environment.

Have you ever tried to vlog outside? Do you have any tips to share on shooting in different environments?

If you are curious as to what video I was attempting to shoot, check out my Spring into Brunch with Velveeta post.

One thing that has been making my vlogging and photo editing life a little bit more fun is the use of the Corel Photo & Video Pro Bundle software that the people at Corel sent to me to try out. Although I’m still trying and learning this new software, I can definitely say that this software is a step up from what I was using before. I’m sure the more I get familiar with the software, the more I will learn to use it to my advantage. I will say that one of my favorite features of the Corel VideoStudio Pro X3 is the voice over button. This magical little buttons allows one to record a voice over right in the editing software. Oh this button has just been heaven. No more going to different programs to make the audio, convert the audio, trim the audio….I just plain like that button!

As far as the Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3 goes it’s going pretty good on that end as well. I look forward to sitting down and editing a batch of photos. I like how Corel automatically imports the photos into folders and displays them in a “organizer” for easy viewing. With a double click I’m able to open the “full editor”. I like to play with the layers the most. Brightness/Contrasting layers, Curves, and Levels are the 3 main types of layers that I play around with as well as the different types of raster layers such as hue (legacy), color, and luminance just to name a few. Each photo is different and each photo gets edited differently but what I like is the creative control I have in PaintShop Photo Pro X3 and the same goes for the VideoStudio Pro X3 as well.

I look forward to learning these programs more through hands on experience.

Please visit Corel’s website for more information on this and other video & photo editing software for beginners and enthusiasts alike.

What video/photo editing software do you prefer to use?

Disclosure: Corel sent a copy of the Corel Photo & Video Pro Bundle for me to use and write about my personal experience in a blog post. While product was given to help aide in writing this post, all opinions are 100% my own.

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