Meal Solutions Week 3: Soup and Sandwich Night

The weather is getting colder which makes me think and want only one thing….SOUP! I love a good soup on a cold night. Something about it just warms my soul. Now when it comes to soup, I definitely prefer to make my own. Usually soup making for me is a way to use up leftovers in a very yummy way. Plus homemade soup usually freezes well (since I’m the only one in the house that is soup crazy) so I always have some in the waiting.

Tomato Soup

This week’s Meal Solution idea from Walmart is: Soup and Sandwich Night

    prices may vary depending on region (where you live)

  • Campbell’s Family Size Tomato Soup- $1.48
  • Campbell’s Family Size Chicken Noodle Soup- $1.48
  • Kraft Velveeta (2 lbs.)- $4.49
  • Nature’s Own Honey Wheat Bread- $2.36
  • Great Value Sandwich White
  • Great Value Saltine Crackers – $1.38
  • Pillsbury Fudgy Brownie Mix- $1.37

Depending on the type of soup that I am serving is usually what determines whether or not we have a sandwich to go along with it. If I’m serving a thicker type soup like Homemade Chicken and Dumplings then we wouldn’t have a sandwich. But if we had a thinner, less filling soup like tomato then we would add a sandwich like a Grilled Cheese.

Grilled Cheese for a Crowd

grilling up sandwichs individually one by one can be very time consuming especially for a large family or entertaining guests. This is how I prefer to make my grilled cheese sandwiches…in the oven!

    Ingredients: Grilled Cheese for a Crowd

  • Velveeta Cheese 1 lb.
  • your favorite bread-we used honey wheat
  • Olive Oil
  • 2 baking sheets


  • Heat oven to Broil.
  • Lay out pieces of bread on baking sheet depending on how many sandwich you want to make. If I am feeding a family of 4, I would lay out 8 pieces of bread.
  • Slice Velveeta thinly and place on one slice of bread. (4 slices with cheese, 4 without).
  • Place in oven. Watch the bread very carefully when using the broil feature, it can burn very quickly. I usually just stand there and watch it brown. When it is brown enough on the slices of bread with no cheese, remove from the oven.
  • Once removed from oven, places slice of bread with no cheese on top of the cheesy slice. Brush with olive oil and return to oven to brown again.
  • Once browned remove from oven again and flip sandwich over. Repeat the above step, brush with olive oil, and return to oven one last time to brown the other side.
  • Remove from oven after final side is browned. Slice and serve.

What is your favorite soup & sandwich combination?

Soup and Saltines

Walmart momDisclosure: This post is part of a series of Meal Solutions with Walmart that some of my fellow Walmart Moms (Jenn of Frugal Upstate, Denise of Wholesome Mommy, and Lori at My Wooden Spoon) and I are participating in. Walmart has provided me with compensation and a gift card in return for this post. My participation is voluntary and opinions are my own.


  1. denisesawyer says

    I love your method for grilled cheese sandwiches! Now why didn't i think of that! I love mine with REAL butter though (I know more fattening than your olive oil!). I bet you could spread some softened butter on it though and get the same effect! Going to try it!

  2. momhasherday says

    I'll have to try it with olive oil, looks tasty! Its funny because I am actually making that right now! Just wanted to stop by and leave a comment, I've been a passive reader since discovering your blog, but yes I hope to see you at another blogger's event soon and it was really nice to meet you too. Disney on Ice was awesome! Loved it!

  3. momhasherday says

    Awwww thank you! Being a mama is the best journey in life :) I will def hit you up on Twitter!