Last minute Gift Idea: Classic Heely’s

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It’s the last minute. We are down to the wire. Christmas morning will be here before we know it. For those of you looking for last minute Christmas gifts here’s an idea….Classic Heely’s! It’s a shoe and a skate in one!

I was recently asked to try out the Classic Heely’s and share what I thought of them. When I first heard about them I thought: “What a great opportunity to do something with my oldest son”. “We could both learn to do this together”. So when our first set of shoes arrived we were SO eager to try them out. My oldest son was super excited to have shoes with skates in them. The first day we both put them on to see what they felt like. Below I have outlined my thought process on our first ever experience with Heely’s.

Classic Heely's

Learning to “skate” with Heely’s

Day 1

After my oldest kidlet had gone to bed, I put on my Classic Heely’s to “give them a test drive”. Afterall, Mom needs to know how to do it if she plans to teach her son. Yes, it was late at night so I opted to “test” in the Kitchen. My immediate reaction was not good. I thought: “I’m never going to learn how to use these”; “I’m going to bust my butt”; “this seems really difficult”. But I tried not to get discouraged. I went to the ‘net to see if there were any how-to videos, beginners tips, etc. and spent the rest of the night reading and studying the Heely’s world.

Day 2

We set up a “training ground” in our house. Our basement has smooth floors and since it was raining we opted to try our first day of training on Heely’s in a somewhat safe, controlled environment. We choose a spot between a couch and a wall this way we could learn to find our balance on Heely’s while still being able to hold onto something. Once we found our balance point it was then when we started to “Heel”. At first it did seem very difficult finding a balance point while trying to roll on the heel of your shoe. But eventually (after maybe 30 minutes or so) it started to feel a little more natural. We just kept taking turns, and both tried our best at getting the rolling and balancing idea down pat. At this point we are a little more hopeful with a full “training” session under our belt.

Day 3

By the third day it was time to go outside. In the comfort of our carport next to a wall we tried to Heely. It was definitely a different experience being outdoors. My son hasn’t quite gotten down skating with Heely’s away from the wall but on this day I managed to not have to hold onto anything. I was very surprised!

Video Snipplet of me using Classic Heely’s

Who says that the kids have to have all the fun?

What have I learned from trying Classic Heely’s for the first time?

Don’t get discouraged! My initial reaction was that I wasn’t going to be able to skate with Heely’s at all. But I kept trying and practicing because practice makes perfect right? Heely’s is a completely different way to skate than what I am used to but once I figured out how to do it, it actually became kind of fun. One thing I’m looking forward the most is the weather getting warm. I can’t wait to try the Classic Heely’s out at the park. Should be interesting!

I mentioned that using Heely’s is different than regular skating. For those of you that don’t know a Classic Heely has one wheel in each heel of each shoe. The goal is to balance on said wheels and “skate”. Just like any other “sport”, according to Heely’s it is always best to wear complete protective gear (helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, etc.) when wearing Heely’s with the wheels attached.

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I also got the chance to try out the NEW HX2’s. I will be sharing my experience and differences between the two shoes in just a few so stay tuned to the blog.

Have you or your kids ever used Heely’s?

Do you think Heely’s are just for kids?

Disclosure: Heely’s provided me with a pair of Classic Heely’s to help facilitate my review of the shoes. All opinions of the shoes are my own. I have not been told what to say or write. I was not paid for my review. My experience may vary from others. I am not a professional nor an expert in anyway. At the advice of Heely’s, always use protective gear while wearing/using Heely’s.

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