New Years Day Food Traditions: Black Eyed Peas & Corn Bread

My husband and I have this argument that neither one of us started the traditional New Years Day food traditions. But I distinctly remember “adopting” said tradition when we got married. Despite whoever’s argument is correct we still had the traditional New Years plate of plenty. I know for a fact that neither I nor the boys like to taste of “greens” so in place of collard greens or cabbage we opted to do a “creamed spinach” instead. I figure so long as it is green we should be good to go :)

Lucky Peas

The black eyed peas came out better than previous years. I don’t have an exact recipe but some of the things I added differently this year was a ham bone leftover from Christmas dinner and a dash of tumeric and cumin. They were absolutely mouthwatering.

Do you prepare a specific New Year’s Day Dinner?

Do you believe black eyed peas when served on New Year’s brings you luck?

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