Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift: Kodak EasyShare, Kodak Pulse Digital Frame. & Eye-Fi (sponsored)

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Mother’s Day is tomorrow!!!! I was recently given a Kodak EasyShare, Kodak Pulse Digital Frame, and Eye-Fi from Walmart to try out in my own home.

Immediately when the Kodak EasyShare arrived at my door, I couldn’t wait to try it out! I read through the instructions and became excited about the Share button. The share button allows one to share whatever pictures they select to various social media sites like Flickr, Facebook, etc. One can also set up digital photo frames like the Kodak Pulse to share the photos to as well. The camera itself isn’t wireless, sadly, so all photos that have been selected for sharing are only done so once the camera is connected to the computer. With the software included with the camera this makes it all possible. While I did have problems setting up the camera on my computer, downloading the software via the website seemed to help. This camera would be great for someone that doesn’t want to have to deal with a lot of various settings. There are options for different modes and photos to show what that particular mode would look like when the picture is taken. This is great because it saves on having to edit a photograph. I think the picture quality was decent for a point and shoot, very clear images. The further one zooms in though it may become a little grainy then but that is typical of any point and shoot that I’ve tried. Another fun fact about the Kodak Easyshare is the HD video option. There is a specific button on the top of the camera that allows one to quickly record an HD video without having to scroll through a bunch of menus.

On to the Kodak Pulse Digital Frame. This really blew me away. The quality in my opinion is great. The images are very clear. Unlike the Kodak Easyshare camera, the Kodak Pulse is TOUCHSCREEN (yes!). Anything touchscreen to me just makes life a little easier, I can’t stand fumbling through menus using buttons I’d rather just touch and be done with it. So I’m very glad that this Digital Picture Frame had touchscreen capabilities which made setting my Wi-Fi password super easy! This digital frame basically runs through the account one sets up when they set up the frame. Everything about the frame including the photographs are handled through this account. It even connects to Facebook so one can view photos they have online on their frame. Very neat feature. Getting updates and/or pictures from online account to frame for me took only about fifteen minutes, which I would say is pretty decent.

Lastly, a great gift idea for Mom’s Day would be an Eye-Fi wireless memory card. This turns one’s camera into a wireless device which basically means one can get photos from their camera to their computer without having to plug in. If one likes they can share all photos they take with the camera to various online accounts of their choosing but for me since I like to pick and choose what I like to have shared I like that there is a special select option with this memory card. If the camera one is using has a Protect Mode as one of its features then the Select option on the Eye-Fi will work. Sadly the Kodak Easyshare does not have a Protect Mode so I wasn’t able to test out this feature on this particular camera. But I do have plans of using the Eye-Fi on another digital camera that does have the Protect Mode feature. For someone that loves to share moments online with friends and family, the Eye-Fi memory card is a great geeky little gadget for Mom.

I hope everyone has a great Mother’s Day tomorrow!!!

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