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Quick Organizing Tip: Store Nail Polish & Nail Care items in Photo Box

7 May 2011 No Comment Disclosure

You may have seen them. Those beautifully decorated photo boxes at craft stores. But one may be wondering, do people even print photos any more? If they don’t then what do people use photo boxes for? Well I can’t answer for the majority but I will tell you what I do with photo boxes. I use them for storage!

One particular photo box of mine I would like to tell you about today is my Nail Care box. This box is the house for all of my nail care items. I love this because I know that everything I need for one particular task is all in this box. I don’t have to go hunting around the house for the nail clippers anymore. Plus this decorative box looks great on the shelf in my bathroom.

Things to store in your Nail Care Storage Box

  • Favorite Nail Polishes: obviously if one likes to paint their nails they would like to have all of their favorite nail polishes in one place for easy access. Too many nail polishes? Use multiple boxes or dedicate one solely to nail polish alone.
  • Cotton Balls: these are great for using with nail polish remover
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Q-Tips: great for cleaning up messy lines
  • Nail Clippers
  • Nail Decals: if one likes to decorate nails with them
  • Nail File

Because everything that I need is now stored in one box, that means I can take that box with me to various rooms. So if I’m in the living room watching TV and decide to paint my nails at the same time I can do so easily all I have to do is just grab my Nail Care box.

I hope this quick organizational tip helps.

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