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Yesterday I was so excited to hear the news that Pinterest finally has an iPhone app out and available in the Apple iTunes store. For those that have not heard or seen what Pinterest is, I urge you to check it out. Basically, Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that one can share with others. A great place to store ideas and things you like all in one spot.

Yes, the iPhone app is new. Yes, it has only been out since yesterday. And yes, it does have some bugs that I’ve already found using my iPhone 3g. Others may not have problems, but as with everything new there will be an adjustment period and I’m sure Pinterest is probably already working on bug fixes. It is a lot of fun to pin on my mobile now, I will say that.

Last night when Pinterest went down for maintenance, I could really tell how much I enjoy using the site. One doesn’t realize how much they like something until it is no longer available. But no worries, I had my pinterest fix early this morning :)

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