Creating an Outdoor Living Space with Walmart (sponsored)

Summer is the time to get outdoors. That is when it’s not too sweltering out there.

As a Walmart Mom, I was given the challenge by Walmart to give their Outdoor Living a try and find pieces to add to our space that we love. Honestly, I think I should have gone with my first gut instinct of getting an above ground pool because man has it gotten really hot, really fast this year.

Well we didn’t get the pool, but we did find some budget friendly pieces to enhance our outdoor living space. Our family loves it outdoors. Whenever it is not too hot we are out there enjoying the space with Spring and Fall being our most favorite times of the year.

One item that I’ve been wanting to add to our backyard is a hammock. I’ve dreamed hammock dreams for a while now but could never find one that was very budget friendly. We even entertained the idea of creating our own hammock but that thought was very fleeting when I stumbled upon a simple, small hammock in the camping section at my local Walmart. And guess what? It only cost $10!!!! I realize this hammock is made to travel from campsite to campsite but it looks pretty awesome tied between two trees in my backyard accented with a simple red pillow that I found in the garden/outdoor living department. So I learned a very important lesson here. When looking for outdoor items, check the camping section as well at Walmart. You never know what you’ll be able to find when you least expect it.

Speaking of unexpected items, I found some really great square stepping stones to get from “point a” to our new hammock. I had no idea that Walmart even carried stepping stones. They also carry wood chips/mulch to lay down as well.

If you haven’t guess yet, we are going with a tan and red theme outdoors this year. Red is one of those colors that I know my husband and I will both like equally. So to make our swing a little more comfortable to sit in, I opted to get one of these long bench cushions in red stripes to add a bit of color.

Next I stumbled upon some red plastic pots, which to me one can never have too many of. I got one of each size from small all the way up to the largest one which was only around $8. I turned the large one over and opted to use it between two plastic red chairs that I also picked up at Walmart to make a nice and inexpensive seating area under a few trees. Speaking of pots, to keep them all watered I picked up a very affordable watering can in (yep, you guessed it) red.

Lighting. An outdoor space isn’t much use unless there is lighting to enjoy the cool summer nights in. Being not so handy with electrical wires, I opted to get two solar powered spot lights to illuminate our outdoor seating area. They work just long enough to enjoy our Outdoor Space a little past the time that the sun goes down and they don’t add to our electrical bill which I love.

Hand’s down though, I think the best item I was able to pick up at Walmart was this Outdoor 5 Game Combo kit. The kidlets have had an absolute blast playing with this system. Anything from volleyball to badminton, they’ve played them all. Hubby has even gotten out there a time or two to play a bit. The net and versatile games have been the best addition to our backyard with the price around $17 being great for our budget.

What does your outdoor space look like?

Do you have any plans for new additions for the summer?

What do you like to do for fun in your backyard?

Walmart momDisclosure: I am a Walmart Mom. This post is sponsored by Walmart. I have been compensated for my time and efforts in creating this post and given a giftcard to cover the cost of the items mentioned in this post. As always my participation is voluntary and opinions are my own.



  1. June 13, 2011 / 1:48 pm

    I love red outside too! As a matter of fact I painted all my wicker and my adirondack chairs red 2 years ago and have never regretted it. I think it makes the furniture part of the decoration!
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    • June 17, 2011 / 1:17 am

      Awesome! I'm just wondering how they will fair in the sun? Most of my things have become sun bleached especially fabrics.
      Side Note: I have a wicker bench and rocking chair that are painted white. The chairs actually look as if they will be giving out before the paint will :)

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