DIY Project: Matching Beaded Bracelet & Anklet

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It’s summer time which means I’ve traded in my sneakers for some comfy and cool flip flops instead.
With summer fashions comes sundresses, shorts, and skirts. All of which need a few accessories. What better way to accessories your summer wardrobe with some bracelets and an anklet or two.

My latest crafting obsession has been making my own jewelry. I’ve really been loving this creative outlet. I decided to tackle beading this time around after searching for beaded anklets and not having much luck on finding something that I really liked in a price range that I liked even more. I figured making my own would be a great way to stretch my dollar and get the end result I’ve been searching for.

Beading is nothing new, people have been doing it for a while. But to me beading is all about the layers. The more layered beads the better in my opinion. I’ve also found that beading is a great way to relax and unwind from the day while watching one of my favorite shows or a movie. It’s a win-win situation because at the end I have a new wearable piece of jewelry and I’ve caught up on something I’ve been wanting to see.

    How to Make: Matching Beaded Bracelets and Anklets

  • 1 mm elastic cord in coordinating color with beads
  • assorted beads in your favorite colors (I just picked up a multipack of small assorted beads at my local craft store for a couple bucks to get me started)
  • clear fingernail polish
    To get started:

  1. Cut elastic cord slightly larger than the final size one needs. Leave extra room for tying also allow to be a little loose on wrist or ankle.
  2. Tie a knot in one end of the cord.
  3. At the other end, the end we are threading, paint with clear fingernail polish to prevent fraying and allow for easier threading of beads. Allow to dry.
  4. Now start threading your beads. One can do a pattern or simply all one color. Choice is up to you just leave room at the end to tie.
  5. After all beads are thread onto the cord, tie the two ends together until the beads are touching each other. I just tied a double knot in mine and pulled very tight. Cut off excess cord as close to the knot as possible.
  6. Make multiple strands of beads wearing them all at once for a layered look or just wear one at a time.
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