Beauty Tips on Beating the Summer Heat while still looking fabulous

It’s still summer and it’s still hot out there. Some days the heat is just unbearable. Here are some quick tips on keeping “cool” during the summer heat:

  1. Go Light on the Makeup. I live in a very hot and humid place which has made me learn fairly quickly that heat and makeup don’t mix very well.
  2. Powder Foundation. For summer time I like to rely on powder foundation as it tends to not only allow my skin to breathe but to also not melt off my face when I’m battling the heat of the day.
  3. Primer. Whether one is using foundation primer or just eyeshadow primer, primers help to keep makeup in place.
  4. Keep the Hair up. No matter how much I want to wear my hair down, it just isn’t happening very much in the summer time. Not only is long hair even more hot in the summer months, but my hair also gets frizzy with the humidity so finding out cute ways to style one’s hair up is a must for summer as it will keep you cool and looking polished.
  5. Stay Matte. Summer heat and humidity inevitably brings out the shine. Stay shine free by dabbing a bit of powder on spots throughout the day. I like to keep my powder compact in my purse and with me at all times.

How do you beat the heat while still looking fabulous?

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