A Fresh Coat of Paint in our New Homeschool Room (sponsored)

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I don’t like wood paneling. But painted wood paneling I can definitely deal with. This year when we decided to move our homeschool room to the unused kitchen downstairs I knew that it definitely needed some paint. And with the help of Walmart & Glidden we had the opportunity to do just that.

Our Supplies

I can not tell you how excited I was to finally have this room painted. After seeing the transformation a coat of paint can do to a room last summer in our former school room, I knew this room would turn out just as fabulous. We opted to use the former kitchen downstairs because we turned our previous school room into an office for hubby and I and also with school projects and such being near a sink is ideal especially with messy science experiments.

The BEFORE photo: this is not a very pretty room

So with a giftcard and paint supplies provided we went out to our local Walmart to pick up our perfect color. With such a dark wood color currently on the walls we of course wanted to go the extreme opposite and pick a color that would be significantly lighter but not completely white. The color we chose was called Clay Bisque in Glidden’s Brilliance Collection 2 n 1 Paint + Primer.

With paint finally on the walls it’s definitely starting to look a lot better in here

I enlisted the help of my favorite painting partner, my Mom, to help tackle the task of painting the room. We started on a Friday afternoon with one coat of paint after we removed knobs and light switches then taped off objects that shouldn’t be painted. I was so glad that we didn’t have to prime first like we did in the other room last summer. We definitely liked that we could skip that step and go straight to the fun part of painting. On the first day together we were able to get half of the room painted. To us the room looked better already.

Last Coat of Paint

On the second day we finished up the other half of the room and even started our second coat of paint. Because we were painting wood paneling the sad truth is that it loves to soak up paint leaving us no choice but to have to put a second coat on.

the AFTER: time to put the room back together
the hanging globe idea came from one of my favorite homeschool room ideas via pinterest

Even with having to put two coats of paint on the walls of this room it is still a lot better than the multiple coats of paint we had to do in the room we painted last year with the same type of walls. Overall the room took 3 gallons of Glidden Brilliance Collection 2 n 1 Paint + Primer and 3 days to complete.

the AFTER: the lighter coat of paint definitely helps to brighten up this space a lot. It almost makes the room seem bigger.

I absolutely love how the room turned out. We tried to paint every aspect of that room that we possibly could to bring some new life into it and I think we succeeded. The room in my opinion turned out better than I had planned. Of course we still have some minor decorating to do like replacing the worn out handles on the cabinets, but overall I think it was a job well done. Definitely a new, fun, and inviting place to start our new school year in. It definitely gets everyone in the family excited for the first day of school.


If you could paint any room in your house, what would it be?

Have you tried Glidden’s Brilliance Collection 2 n 1 Paint + Primer before? What did you think of it?

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