Learning about Animals

We had another field trip today for the kidlets. This trip however took most of our day. We’ve been to this place before so we kind of already knew what to expect. I invited my Mom along this time because she had never been. And of course when I spend most of the time telling her about a parrot that mimics the school children laughing and how funny it is to see in person, this would be the one time that said parrot wouldn’t say anything. So I was sad that she wasn’t able to see it but maybe next time.

The kidlets had a lot of fun and even made new friends. My oldest swears he has an official “girlfriend” now. It is cute at this age but I fear we might be in trouble come the teenage years :P

You can see just a few more pictures in my flickr set, sadly I wasn’t able to get as many as I would like but I tried.


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