The Perfect Weather

This weekend was what we like to call a perfect weekend. We had nothing on our agenda which means we had no rush to make any sort of appointment or deadline. We hung out together and just relaxed. Since starting our homeschool journey I’ve had that overwhelming feeling of constantly rushing. Rushing to make a deadline, rushing to a meetup, or just rushing to make sure we got everything completed that needed to be done that day. All that rushing is exhausting.

So this weekend we did none of that. We opened the windows of the house and let the cool breeze run through it. We spent the majority of our time outside as the kidlets played nonstop in the comforts of our backyard. But I can’t say that the weekend was all play and no work. We did do a bit of cleaning and laundry and the typical moving of furniture. But it felt fun and not like work at all so we didn’t mind.

The weather is just perfect for us right now. The kidlets can play outside whenever without having to wait till it has cooled off some from the scorching summer day. I looked up the official first day of fall on google and I think it isn’t until Friday but it sure does feel like fall already and I love it. I love nothing more than hanging out on the deck in warm long sleeves cuddled up with my favorite blanket and my laptop as the children play. Opening the windows instead of using the air conditioner. The craving of soup.

Does it feel like Fall where you live?