How-To Halloween Makeup: Brothers, Pirates, and Zombies Oh My! (sponsored)

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We’ve already talked about baking up some sweet treats for the holidays (here and here). So today I want to talk about a simple way to dress up for the season. It’s easy to “look the part” come Halloween night with just a little bit of makeup and clothes one might already have laying around the house. I was able to get everything we needed for the family at my local Walmart (with the provided giftcard). For some of the looks you will see that I will be using just regular makeup, which one might already have on hand, and the others I opted to use the specific Halloween makeup sold at Walmart.

Mario & Luigi

Black Eyeliner Pencil ($.93 Walmart)

All one needs is some overalls, red or green shirts, and a matching red/green hat. Simply draw on the mustache with a black eyeliner pencil and you have your character.


Black Eyeliner Pencil (mentioned above)
Light Brown Eyeliner Pencil ($.93 Walmart)
Pink & Black Eyeshadows ($3.57 Walmart: NYC 819A Lexington Luxury Eyeshadow Palette)
NYC Lipstick ($.93 Walmart:Color: 301 Cafe)
Pirate Makeup Kit ($1.97 at Walmart)

For the pirate look: First, I didn’t wash my hair this day because I wanted it to have that dirty, grungy, out of control pirate look. I applied foundation to my entire face as normal. Then I proceeded to hollow out my cheeks using the brown eyeliner pencil. I would draw a line underneath my cheekbone and rub it in until I got the desired color I wanted. Next I took some of the brown and black pirate makeup and smudged it in various places around my face to give an overall dirty look. Next I played up my “one good eye” with the NYC eyeshadow making sure to use lots of black eyeliner. I applied the darkest pink color all over the lid of my eye, the white as the highlight just under my eyebrow, and a touch of black as the crease color. I then lined both the top and lower lashes with black eyeliner and smudged it with the black shadow from the eyeshadow palette. I lined and filled in my lips with the brown eyeliner pencil then applied the lipstick. On top of the lipstick I just dabbed a bit of foundation all over. Put my eye patch in place and my one gold earring to complete the look.


Pirate Makeup Kit (mentioned above)
Temporary Cut Tattoos ($1.97 at Walmart)
Green Cream Makeup ($.97 Walmart)
White Cream Makeup ($.97 Walmart)

Ahhh zombies!!! With the season premier of the Walking Dead just this past Sunday, one look at my husband and I knew he wanted to be a zombie for Halloween this year. So here is how we achieved the look: First we applied the temporary cut tattoos to his face. We picked out two. After they were applied and had dried, I then put the white cream makeup all over his face doing my best to blend it in as much as possible. We want him to look pale not like a clown. Next we added hints of green here and there and also put some green on his lips using the green cream makeup. We gave his eyes a hollowed out appearance by putting some of the black and brown pirate makeup on them. Added a dab of red in the corner of his mouth (from the pirate makeup kit) that pretty much finished up his look.

It only took me about 30 minutes to do everyone’s makeup for their costumes. What do you think?

I’m curious. What are you going to dress up as for Halloween?

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