Window Washer

Some of you may recall that we have a fish tank in our homeschool room. Unfortunately this fish tank is right in front of a window which means that algae grows crazy fast in there. And algae covered fish tanks just are not pretty. Beside cleaning the fish tank by hand every other day I knew there had to be a better way to be able to keep our fish tank where it was at yet still have it not accumulate so much algae due to the sunlight.

So the first option I suggest to my husband was that we get a snail. They are not very expensive at the pet store and honestly, I wasn’t too sure which would clean better: a snail or algae eater.

We went with a snail first because….well, he was cuter than an algae eater :P
Besides being chosen off of his looks alone, this snail is awesome! In a matter of a couple of days he had completely cleaned the fish tank from top to bottom. Now I’m not sure if all snails are this thorough in their cleaning but this one sure is which in turn leaves me with one less cleaning task I have to worry about at the end of the day.

Hooray for snail! Our amazing little window washer :)

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