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Hair Chalking

13 December 2011 5 Comments Disclosure

If you’ve been on Pinterest in the past few weeks, you may have noticed the various pins about Hair Chalking (here and here). I too have noticed and LOVED the look of Hair Chalking that I couldn’t resist trying it out for myself. Like hair feathers and feather earrings, hair chalking looks to be the next big trend in beauty.

So I called up my Mom, who is an artist, to see if I could borrow a few of her vibrant pastels. I choose a turquoise blue, hot pink, and wild purple to experiment with. I first wet a random section of hair then began to apply the pastel color. Once dried I spritz with a bit of hairspray like suggested in this pin. It was really quite easy. One could color as many or as few sections of hair that one would want. And the best part is that the color is only temporary and easily rinses out with one shampoo. I wouldn’t wear this style on a rainy day however for fear that the color would run onto my shirt.

I love this fun look so much that I am thinking of finding my own set of pastels to experiment with.

What do you think about Hair Chalking?

Is this a beauty trend that you would rock?

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  • Jenn @ FrugalUpstate said:

    I'm so glad you tried this! I was wondering how it would look in darker hair-in all the pictures and videos I've seen it's a blonde who has done it. I can totally see you rock'in out this style!
    My recent post Cookies for the Holidays

  • drea said:

    SO cool! love it.
    My recent post Bonding with Boards

  • melinda said:

    I'm totally intrigued by this. My hair is brown, thick, and heavy, so it is next to impossible to do curls or any kind of color (other than reddish highlights) without bleaching it. But I've always liked the streaky, colorful look, and this looks like it might actually work, even for dark hair.
    My recent post time!!

  • thedomesticdiva.org said:

    It's definitely fun for a night out. I've found from experimenting that the more vibrant colors tend to show up better with darker hair.

  • thedomesticdiva.org said:

    :D you know me too well, Jenn