How NOT to start a New Year: 2012 edition

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Well I thought 2012 was starting out pretty nicely. We stayed up as a family on Saturday night so we could all count down together and then shortly after went to bed. Sunday morning we, of course, overslept. This should have been the first sign of the week to come but it was quickly ignored forgotten as we went on with our day. Our New Year’s day plans were pretty much the same from years past with our plates of ham, black eyed peas, and green bean casserole.

Just trying to relax.

The first day of the New Year was going great. And then. IT. Happened. Out of no where the feeling of a “squishy stomach” hit me. I went and told my husband that I all of a sudden felt nauseous. I went and layed on the couch for maybe 5 minutes then for the rest of the afternoon and night I had to set up camp next to the toilet bowl. Yes, I got…THE STOMACH FLU!!!!!!!!!!

I feel like I slept through the first 3 days of 2012. After I was finally feeling a little bit better it was time to go back to the homeschool books. After such a wonderful Winter Break getting back into the groove of doing school everyday with the kidlets is a bit hard. But the first day we got through it.

As soon as we feel like we are catching our breath and trying to get back on schedule an impromptu trip to the mountains throws us for a loop once again. So for the later half of the week we were “away from home”. I figured with starting the New Year off sick and making sure the kidlets had gotten everything they needed to get done for homeschool completed that a nice break was in order. Even though I brought my laptop and smartphone, I didn’t look at them once. I needed the break. I relaxed. I did nothing. It felt good. We played games as a family. Built a fire. Even roasted a few marshmallows.

Our beautiful view for only a few short days. I’ll miss waking up to this.

The view between the trees.

The first week of 2012 has felt like a roller coaster ride. But we have made it through. We are back home, somewhat unpacked, and ready for next week.

How has the first week of 2012 been for you?

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