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I love being crafty and I also love to garden. Walmart recently shared with me this tutorial on creating a Thanks from Our Garden-Bulb Gift Set and gave me the challenge to see if I could find what I needed at my local Walmart to create this craft. So with my giftcard in hand I set out to do just that or get as close as I possibly could. This is how my crafting went:


8 in. Plastic Flower Pot- $1.96
Scrapbook paper in your favorite designs (I chose damask)- $5.00
Matching Ribbon- $.97
Double Stick Tape
Flower of your choice- $4.44
Bulbs of your choice- $5.38
Garden Gloves- $2.97

Step 1: Arrange Flower Pot with gloves, bulbs, and flowers.

The first thing I did was I arranged the flower pot the way that I wanted it to be. I made sure I picked a flower pot at the store that would fit the items I was going to tuck inside (bulbs, potted plant, and garden gloves).
For my flowering plant, I picked a perennial and for my bulbs I picked an annual. I don’t know about you but when I garden I go through garden gloves like crazy, so an extra pair of garden gloves is always a nice thought when giving a garden gift to someone.

Step 2: Decorate the Outside

I picked out a pack of scrapbook paper at my local Walmart that not only had scrapbook paper inside but also die-cuts and stickers. The whole scrapbook kit was only $5.00.

First I took the 3 yrds of ribbon and cut it into 3 equal strands. I tied the three ribbons at the top of the planter in a double knot. Then I took one of the die-cuts and thread it through one of the ribbons and tied it. If the ribbon is not staying on the planter, use a tiny strip of double sided tape to keep the ribbon from falling down.

I picked out my favorite pattern out of the scrapbook kit and made a pinwheel out of two 1 inch wide pieces of scrapbook paper. Colorbok the company that made the scrapbook paper kit that I picked up at Walmart, has a tutorial on their site for how to make scapbook paper pinwheels.

I attached the pinwheel to the flower pot with some double stick tape. I then found a cute saying in the scrapbook kit that I liked “Life is Sweet”. But before attaching this saying to the pinwheel I first cut out a plain circle using the empty ribbon spool as a guide. I attached both the cut out circle and saying die-cut to the pinwheel using double sided tape.

What I liked about this craft is that one can easily personalize it for any occasion. For the most part I was able to find most of what I needed to make this craft at my local store. For instance the metal bucket I could not find so I used a plastic flower pot instead. Wrapping the scrapbook paper around the flower pot wasn’t working in my case so I opted to embellish the gift in other ways with ribbons, sayings, and scrapbook paper pinwheels. Also instead of glue I used double sided tape, that way the recipient won’t have to worry about peeling off glue from the flower pot in order to use it.

What have you crafted lately?

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