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Spring Cleaning Tip for the Bathroom

9 April 2012 2 Comments Disclosure

I have started a bit of Spring cleaning at my house and I decided to tackle the master bathroom with a really good scrub down. While I wish we had one of those removable shower heads to make my cleaning task a bit easier, I had to come up with a better solution for this problem. Besides splashing water with a cup onto the freshly cleaned tiles, I couldn’t think of a better solution for rinsing the bathroom after I spent an hour scrubbing it.

I thought to myself, there just had to be a better way to rinse the shower without getting water everywhere. Then it hit me (in one of those aaaha! light bulb type moments) to use the watering can from the garden to rinse of the walls of the shower. I was surprised that it worked out so well. From now on, I know my watering can won’t just be for the garden anymore.

Have you started spring cleaning yet?

What is the first room in your house that you want to tackle?

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  • Special Mom Space said:

    Hmm I don't have a garden so no watering can here so I guess I'll be getting everything wet still! lol
    My recent post Help Fight Tooth Decay and Win The Tooth Fairy 2!

  • HexColor said:

    The washroom has got to be one of the most difficult spaces to clean in a home. Good tips. :-)