The Beauty of Olive Oil (sponsored)

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We all know that Olive Oil is great to cook with but did you know that Olive Oil could be used for other things like at-home beauty treatments? Today I’m going to share with you three of my favorite ways to use Olive Oil for a spa-like experience in the comforts of your own home.

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Make-your-own Brown Sugar Body Scrub

One of my favorite ways to use Olive Oil is in a brown sugar scrub. It’s super easy to make with items one can easily find in the kitchen. I use this scrub as an exfoliator and I love how it makes my skin feel soft.

1/4 cup packed brown sugar
3 TBSP Olive Oil

Mix ingredients together and use to exfoliate rough areas of skin like heels, knees, and elbows. Be gentle and never scrub too roughly. Rinse off with warm water in shower. Pat dry. Discard any unused scrub.

Olive Oil Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment

One way I like to show a little extra love to my tresses is with a deep conditioning treatment using Olive Oil. My hair loves this because it craves moisture.

This one is so simple. I add bit of olive oil to my hair from the middle of my hair to the ends avoiding the roots. I put on a shower cap and let the olive oil sit on my hair for about 20 minutes. Then I wash my hair as usual (shampoo and conditioner).

Notes: Everyone’s hair is different, so, some may only need to wash their hair once to get the olive oil out while others may have to do it more than once. Also using olive oil in the shower can cause the shower floor to become VERY slippery. Be extremely careful when using olive oil in the shower you definitely do not want to slip.

Quick Tip: use olive oil to tame frizzy flyaways. Rub one drop of olive oil in the palms of your hands then rub throughout the hair to tame frizz.

Olive Oil as a Moisturizer and Makeup Remover?

Here’s a simple trick. Whenever I need a burst of moisture or need to remove some stubborn makeup, olive oil is my go to trick. After I wash my face as normal, I then “wash” my face a second time but with olive oil instead. Just dab a bit of olive oil on your hands, rub them together, then wash your face in small circular strokes. Rinse (it will feel a bit oily still) and pat your face dry. Your skin will absorb the extra oils and feel soft.

Using Olive Oil as a beauty treatment isn’t anything new. Doing a google search of “beauty tips using olive oil” will lend hundreds if not thousands of results. Just like every person is different, results and what works the best will vary with each person as well. Do your own research about olive oil and the various beauty treatments one can use with it. You know you best. These tips in this post are what work for me.

Have you tried any beauty treatments using Olive Oil?

What is your favorite way to use olive oil?

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  1. May 7, 2012 / 12:19 pm

    I've been using olive oil as a moisturizer for over a year now. I just put a very very tiny bit on my hands, rub them together and rub over my face. It usually soaks in pretty quick! I do make sure in the summer that I follow up with a sunscreen before I head outside-otherwise you might just give yourself a terrible sunburn!
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    • May 11, 2012 / 11:26 am

      I like using olive oil as a moisturizer too! And you are definitely right, always wear sunscreen. Thankfully most of my makeup contains some sort of SPF in it. I burn so easily, I definitely have to be careful anytime I go outdoors.

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