Makeup Organization: Confessions of a Beauty Junkie

I finally carved out some time to tackle the mess that was the basement this week. In the process I decided to weed through my makeup to get rid of the old and organize the rest. My “vanity” was looking pretty messy.

Some may remember my vanity table from a while back because I used to use it as a craft/sewing table (it’s actually an old table that I found in the store room that belonged to my Grandmother). But since I don’t have much time to sew anymore I decided to turn it into my vanity.

I dusted off my old small, drawered organizers and put my makeup bag away. Each drawer I dedicate to a specific kind of makeup like facial lotions, eye shadows, lipsticks, etc. Organizing my makeup this way makes getting ready in the morning a lot quicker because I’m not rummaging through a makeup bag filled to the brim with products.

    Here’s a peek at how I organized my vanity….

  1. cotton balls
  2. mascaras & eyeliners
  3. lipsticks & lipglosses
  4. hair
  5. nails
  6. facial cleansing wipes, deodorant
  7. moisturizers & primers
  8. foundations
  9. eyeshadows
  10. eyeshadow palettes
  11. powders
  12. highlighters & blushes
  13. sponges
  14. perfumes

How do you organize your makeup collection?


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    My make up takes up one small drawer in our bathroom. That's it lol… And the rest of my stuff is under the bathroom sink or in a pretty decorative chest on the bathroom counter.
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      I'm always curious to see how other people do things. Thanks for sharing how you organize your makeup :) Before setting up this vanity space I had mine in the bathroom as well, but after a while I noticed it looked like my makeup had exploded in there. There was makeup everywhere :P It was time to go back to my tried and true method hence the pull out drawers.