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I think my doggies think they are a little spoiled with all of these treats we have been trying out from Walmart lately. Did you know that May is Pet Month? We were given an opportunity to try out a few products by Pedigree and PetArmor and share what we (or what we think our pets) thought of them.

products available at Walmart

We are normally a dry dog food family. It’s just what works the best for our family but on occasion we will give our dogs wet dog food. I knew that my dogs would automatically love the Pedigree Small Breed Nutrition. We have two small dogs in our family, one a terrier mix and the other a Yorkie. With our Yorkie it’s important that we feed him the right sized dog food. So I liked that Pedigree took special care to ensure that it would be easy for small dogs to enjoy.

An old photo of our Yorkie when he was a puppy….isn’t he the cutest!

Our Yorkie especially loved the Choice Cuts in Gravy Pedigree wet food. He lapped up all of the gravy before devouring the meaty bits. It’s a pretty good guess that this was his favorite choice of food by Pedigree. I loved the perfectly portioned containers. It was easy for me to feed both dogs without a lot of mess or hassle.

I’ve been looking for a good flea & tick protection product for our dogs since the area that we live in we seem to have a big flea problem especially in the summer months. I was a bit eager to see how PetArmor would work. Luckily when our box of samples arrived it was at the right time when they were due for a dose. PetArmor is said to be comparable to the one of the leading flea & tick protection product but costs a lot less and available at Walmart.

After giving our dogs a bath, we applied the product according to the package instructions (which was easy & not at all messy to do). And so far, the product is working well for our furry friends. We will definitely be continuing using the PetArmor as it has given us the best result out of the other products we have tried thus far. As the days get warmer and summer officially starts, I feel a little better about going into the “height of flea season” with the dogs being protected with PetArmor.

What are some of your favorite pet products?

Pedigree and Walmart have teamed up so that any purchase of Pedigree made in Walmart can help a local shelter. To find out more or how to donate check out the “donate tab” on pedigree.com

Walmart momDisclosure: I am a Walmart Mom. I have been compensated for my time and efforts in creating this post as well as given samples of the products mentioned in this post. As always my participation is voluntary and opinions are my own. My experience may differ from your own.

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