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Kitchen Cabinet Organization

20 May 2012 2 Comments Disclosure

I’m making it a goal to get everything organized which may or may not be because I’ve been bitten by the Spring Cleaning bug lately. This past week I finally said enough is enough with the disorganization of our kitchen cabinets. Since I’m a bit on the short side I always thought it was a bit of a pain to have our spices in a cabinet high above the stove. I can never see what I’m reaching for up there. So I decided to move them to the cabinet next to the stove within my eye level.

It may not look like much but it has already made a big difference. With organizing this one small cabinet I found that there are other cabinets that also need to see a bit of spring cleaning as well. They pretty much look the same from the day that we moved in. But who says that the cabinets have to stay dedicated to whatever kitchen tool just because that is what we chose them to be since day 1? I think I may move a few more things around a bit to see if I can find a better flow of things in there.

Have you ever rearranged your cabinets in your kitchen? Or have they been that way since the beginning?

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  • Special Mom Space said:

    Hi Heather. I have been organizing for months LOL. I did my cabinets over and I also bought some items to help organize my refrigerator. I lOVE organizeit.com Check them out. You'll find tons of stuff to organize with.
    My recent post Animal Stress: Yes, Animals Get Stressed Out Too

  • thedomesticdiva.org said:

    Great, thanks! I'll definitely go check them out.