Projects Made Simple by Walmart: How-to Stain a Deck

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I’m in a Spring Cleaning kind of mood lately. I was recently asked by Walmart to check out the new Projects Made Simple page at, pick a project that interested me, and follow the how-to video to tackle a DIY project at my house. The project I opted to tackle was staining my deck. Although my deck is only a few years old, it hadn’t been stained yet. As one of my favorite and most used living spaces in my house, I definitely want to keep it protected and well taken care of.

Honestly, I didn’t know the first thing about staining a deck. I knew I’d probably paint it with some sort of stain but didn’t know where to start or even what tools I might need. So I first watched the helpful video that Walmart provided on their Projects Made Simple page at The video gave me the steps that I needed to take and the tools that I needed to pickup from Walmart.

How-to Stain a Deck
Watch this video on YouTube:

So with the giftcard provided I headed to my local Walmart to pick up all the supplies that I needed to stain our deck.

supplies from Walmart

Once I gathered all of the supplies, I was anxious to get started. But the hardest part of this project had to be Step 1: check weather. Spring often brings afternoon thunderstorms where I live which made it hard for me to find 3 days in a row that had little to no rainfall chances. But finally I got my opportunity and I was ready to paint.

Our deck before

First, I removed all of our patio furniture. The second step was to wash the deck with the deck wash from Walmart. I underestimated how much deck wash I actually needed so I needed to make another run to the store to pick up a second bottle. I’m not too sure what is in the deck wash but it definitely got the job done. I didn’t think that the deck needed to be cleaned but after using the deck wash it definitely made a difference.

Our deck after cleaning it with a deck wash.

After applying the deck wash, washing it off, and allowing the wood to dry completely it was onto the painting. I opted for a clear stain with UV protection since our deck is mostly in the sun. I also called my Mom and asked if she would help me with the painting part. It’s always fun to tackle home improvement projects with a friend.

Our deck after staining it

Together, my Mom and I got the entire deck painted in a day. We were definitely tired by the end of it all but our hard work and efforts definitely paid off. Now I’m actually looking forward to one of those random afternoon thunderstorms just to see how well the deck stain works.

What home improvement projects are you hoping to tackle?

For more projects, like How-to Stain a Deck, visit the Projects Made Simple page at

Walmart momDisclosure: I am a Walmart Mom. I have been compensated for my time and efforts in creating this post as well as given a giftcard to purchase the products needed to do this Projects Made Simple: How-to Stain a Deck home improvement project. As always my participation is voluntary and opinions are my own. My experience may differ from your own.


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