Celeb-like Hollywood Lashes: How-to Tips for applying False Lashes for a Glam Look

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Whether you are going out for a night on the town or just wanted to add something extra to your everyday makeup look, false lashes are a quick and easy way to give your eyes a pop of glam. A great way to unleash your inner diva :)

I participated in a webinar for Kiss lashes last week. Basically it was a demonstration on how to apply their lashes. Honestly, I haven’t worn false lashes in years! It’s been a long time. I was worried I had forgotten how so the webinar was a nice refresher.

I was given some eyelash glue and a couple pairs of Kiss’ new lashes to try out. Kiss Premium Eyelashes 02 with applicator strings & Kiss Duo Lashes 03 with EZ applicator. You can see how to apply the premium eyelashes with the new applicator strings in the video below….

Watch on Youtube: http://youtu.be/IXP1wrU7vOA

Out of the two types of Kiss lashes that I tried, I definitely prefer the Duo Lashes. I thought they were easier to apply without the strings but I’m also a person that prefers to apply false lashes with just my fingers instead of with an applicator. I loved the Kiss Lash Adhesive which was much easier to apply than the eyelash adhesive I’ve used in the past that came in a tube.

Wearing Kiss Duo Lashes 03

What type of false lashes one picks to wear is all up to personal preference. There is such a wide variety of false lashes on the market today that one could easily find a pair of lashes to match any mood from subtle to divalicious. When I’m looking for a pair of false lashes I always gravitate towards that lashes that are full and thick. I also don’t like them to be too long. I don’t want it to feel like I’m wearing false lashes and with my eye shape I can definitely tell I’m wearing false lashes whenever they are too long. I love adding a few single lashes here or there as well as just adding a half pair of false lashes to the corners of my eyes only (think of a full set of false lashes cut in half and only applied to the outer corner of the eye) for easy everyday looks.

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  1. Always apply eyeshadow first. Since when one applies eyeshadow there is usually some fallout of excess shadow, one doesn’t want all that extra shadow to get caught in your false lashes.
  2. Curl your lashes before applying false lashes. This allows your natural lashes to blend in seamlessly with the false lashes.
  3. Apply Mascara before applying false lashes. False lashes don’t necessarily need mascara because they are already dark enough. Applying mascara to your natural lashes will allow them to blend in with the false lashes.
  4. Apply your false lashes. After doing steps 1-3 then it is time to apply your false lashes.
  5. Finish your look with Eyeliner. Applying eyeliner as close as possible to the band of false lashes with not only cover up any eyelash adhesive but also give a simple, finished, seamless look. I like to apply my eyeliner when wearing false lashes the same way I would any other day and that is by applying a line of eyeliner as close to my lashes as possible then with a very thin brush applying a dark shadow overtop to set the eyeliner and help it stay on all day long.

Have you ever worn false lashes?

What do you like/don’t like about them?

Disclosure: I was given several samples of Kiss premium eyelashes as well as invited to attend a webinar about Kiss. Although product was received, all opinions in this post are my own. I am not an expert. This post reflects my own personal experience. My experience may differ from your own.


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