DIY Craft: Adding Bling to a Baseball Cap

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If you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time you might know that I love anything that sparkles. In fact, right now I’m typing this blog post on a laptop that I’ve already added some sparkle to. I guess you could say that rhinestones are definitely this girls best friend.

Whether we are attending one of my son’s little league games or watching my husband’s favorite team play, it’s all about baseball for this family in the spring and summer months. Going to all of those baseball games you can probably guess I do a lot of sitting out in the sun. I found out early in the season that wearing a hat is a must when there is no shade available. My problem however is that I don’t have much luck finding cute baseball hats. So why not make my own?

While walking the craft aisle at Walmart, I stumbled upon some sheets of iron-on rhinestones. They came in a variety of different shapes and themes. I thought these would be fun to craft with so I picked up a simple, plain hat (also in the craft section of Walmart) to “bling out”.

Adding Iron-On Rhinestones to a Baseball Cap

(found at Walmart)


  • plain baseball cap- $3.00
  • Next Style Iron-on Rhinestones & Studs- $4.47
  • Next Style Mini Iron- $9.97 (optional)
    Since I knew I was going to be working on a very small surface, I decided to pick up a small craft iron at Walmart. I found them right next to the iron on transfers. But if one is working with a larger surface like on a t-shirt a regular iron would work just fine.

  1. First I removed the iron-on rhinestones from the outer packaging and then cut around the various shapes that I wanted to apply to my hat.
  2. Next, I let the craft iron pre-heat while I made my final decisions on where I wanted the different shapes to be on my hat. I chose to make the design of the rhinestones flow from one side of the hat to the other from front to back.
  3. After the iron was pre-heated it was time to iron the rhinestone shapes onto my hat. This is the tricky part since I was working with such a small area. The instructions on the iron-on rhinestone package states to iron the rhinestones from the wrong side of the fabric. Since I was working with a hat I would iron the inside of the hat where I had placed the rhinestone shape.
  4. Some of the rhinestones wouldn’t transfer so in the areas where I might have some missing rhinestones I had to improvise. One example would be the star at the front of the hat it had several rhinestones in the same area that wouldn’t transfer so I filled this “hole” with one of the single, large star shaped studs. I found that it was easier to transfer the iron-on rhinestones to the back of the hat where the fabric was the thinnest.
  5. When adding rhinestones to the brim of the hat instead of ironing the underside of the brim I placed an old t-shirt over top of the iron-on shape and ironed it from the top. The t-shirt acted as a barrier protecting my iron from melting the plastic.

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This craft is definitely just one of many ideas one could create from iron-on rhinestones.

Have you ever used iron-on rhinestones to craft something?

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