Spider-man Web-Slinger AR App: Take a Pic with Spiderman

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Not too long ago I told you guys about how excited my kidlets were for the release of the Avengers movie and how much fun they had exploring the Avengers AR app. Now there is a lot of talk in our household about another superhero movie, the Amazing Spider-man. Spider-man is one of my kidlet’s all time favorite superheroes. As a result we have a lot of spider-man stuff in our house.

The other day I took the kidlets up to my local Walmart and shared with them the new Web-Slinger AR App. Like the Avengers AR app, the Web-slinger AR app uses signs inside of Walmart stores to unlock different parts of the game.

This time we focused on the photo feature of the app, since the kidlets love Spiderman so much I thought they would get a big kick out of having their photo taken with Spider-man! We were able to snap these photos using the DVD display in the Electronics section at Walmart.

On the car ride home the kidlets were still playing with this app until they got the following message that “the Lizard had broken Spider-man’s webshooters”.

To repair Spider-man’s webshooters one must find various signs in a Walmart store. So on our next trip to Walmart we will be trying to do just that.

Just like the Avengers AR app, I love the “treasure hunt” of these games. To download this FREE app one can either visit Walmart.com or search “web-slinger” in the app store. This app does take a while to download so it is recommended to do this at home or under a wi-fi connection. Also I found that after I download the app it is best to launch it for the first time at home because it has some additional content it must download in order to work.

Watch this video on YouTube @ http://youtu.be/fJx6-TDQig0

Have you tried this new app yet? What do you think of it?

Are you looking forward to opening day of the Amazing Spider-man?

Who is your all-time favorite super hero?

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