Back to School with Crayola

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One of my favorite parts of Back to School season is checking out the cool, new products from Crayola. Crayola is one of those brands that I’ve loved since I was a kid. Checking out the Crayola Brand Shop on one can see that Crayola has a wide range of products this year.

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As a Walmart Mom, I was given the opportunity to try out some of Crayola’s newest products. As a homeschooling mom of two, I’m always looking for a fun ways to get the kidlets excited about school. With my oldest son it’s finding a fun way to get him excited about writing.

Wild Notes is one of Crayola’s newest products. My oldest son’s least favorite subject in school is writing. I’m all the time looking for fun, creative ways to encourage him to write more. What is fun about Wild Notes are all the colors one sees when they write on this specially designed paper using the Wild Notes pen. There are currently a few variety of Wild Notes like index cards, sticky notes, and subject notebooks. What are some of the ways that you encourage your kids to write more?

Keeping with the writing theme, Crayola also has DryErase products which we were able to try out last year. With a kidlet just learning how to write DryErase boards are perfect for him. Crayola offers DryErase Double-Sided Board Sets, DryErase Crayons, and Washable DryErase markers. I’m looking forward to using the DryErase markers during our homeschool lessons.

Are you a homeschooling family? What are some of your favorite, must-have products for school?

Walmart momDisclosure: I am a Walmart Mom. I have been compensated for my time and efforts in creating this post as well as provided samples of ItalCrust and Marifano with a giftcard to purchase our toppings. As always my participation is voluntary and opinions are my own. My experience may differ from your own.

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