Classrooms by Walmart: School Supply Shopping for Back to School

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Back-to-School shopping is one of my favorite times of the year. I especially like shopping for school supplies. Walmart recently announced a part of called Classrooms by Walmart.

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Classrooms by Walmart is an online source for parents to find their child’s specific school’s supply list and a place for teachers to make their supply list available online. You simply search for your child’s school by either name, district, or location and it will show you a list if it is available. If a teacher/school official has not made a list on Classrooms by Walmart yet you will get a message that asks you to please ask someone at your school to make a list. Even though my kids online school was listed, a list had not been created yet so I simply chose to make my own shopping list based off of the Elementary: K-2nd Walmart supply checklist. The provided checklist was a great “base” for getting me started on making my kidlet’s school supply list. This is the first year that we are going to need double of everything as both of my sons will be attending (home)school this year.

    Tips for Preparing a Back-to-School Supply List

  • Start with a basic checklist. Like those found on Classrooms by Walmart. Or use the list provided by your child’s school.
  • Inventory what you already have. Many school supplies can be used year after year. For example: backpacks, rulers, clipboards, etc. can be reused year after year so long as they aren’t damaged and still serve their function.
  • Take advantage of LOW PRICES during back-to-school season. I always like to “stock up” on supplies at the beginning of the year. That means extra boxes of crayons, pencils, markers, etc. I keep the extras stashed away for when we need them come the middle of the school year when our supplies start to dwindle.

Using the Classrooms by Walmart tool, I printed the suggest supply checklist for my kid’s grade level. I crossed out the items that we did not need and wrote down the items I knew we needed but wasn’t already on the checklist. With my list in hand I headed to my local Walmart to see if I could get everything I thought my kids might need for the school year in one trip.

    School Supply List for 2 Kids: Grades K-2nd under $100 at Walmart

  • Electric Pencil Sharpener (this is a MUST have school supply for us. I can not even begin to tell you how many battery operated and manual pencil sharpeners we have gone through)– $12.84
  • Spider-man Pencil Pouch– $4.97
  • Mario Pencil Pouch– $4.97
  • 2 2-Pk. Erasers– $.50 ea.
  • 4 Elmers School Glue– $.50 ea.
  • 20 Ct. Pencils– $1.12
  • 2 Glue Stick Multi-Packs– $1.97 ea.
  • 2 Watercolors– $1.88 ea.
  • Index Cards (300 ct.)- $1.24
  • 4 Crayola Crayons– $.50 ea.
  • Modeling Clay (24 ct.)- $3.47
  • 2 Copy Paper for Printer– $3.72 ea.
  • 4 Crayola Markers– $.97 ea.
  • 4 Crayola Color Pencils– $.97 ea.
  • 2 Neon 10 ct. Pencils– $.94 ea.
  • 2 School Storage Box– $.57 ea.
  • 2 Clipboards– $1.44 ea.
  • 1 Backpack– $8.88
  • 1 Spiderman Folder– $.97
  • 1 Avenger Folder– $.97
  • 4 Wide Ruled Paper– $.87
  • Transparent Tape 2-pk.- $1.00
  • Construction Paper– $4.47
  • 2 Primary Composition Books– $2.44
  • Expo Dry Erase Markers– $2.50

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As a homeschooling Mom, I liked using the Classrooms by Walmart tool as a way to start planning our back-to-school supply checklist. Oftentimes because we homeschool I often feel like I’m not prepared when it comes to buying school supplies but I found that the suggested list on Classrooms by Walmart really helped me figure out what I may or may not need during the school year. I’m sure as we continue our homeschooling journey I’ll get the hang of making a school supply list each year but in these early years it helps to have a “guide” to go by.

Have you started your Back-to-School shopping?

Walmart momDisclosure: I am a Walmart Mom. I have been compensated for my time and efforts in creating this post as well as given a giftcard to purchase the school supplies we needed on our list. As always my participation is voluntary and opinions are my own. My experience may differ from your own.

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