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Organizing for the School Year

13 August 2012 No Comment Disclosure

Well we are gearing up for another year of homeschooling. I spent the better part of this weekend preparing for the week ahead. With the beginning of school there is a lot that has to be organized. New books & new school supplies take up space. But at the same time during the course of the school year we want to be able to find everything easily and quickly.

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For the past several years we’ve been housing our school books in a little nook at the bottom of the basement stairs. Before homeschooling this used to be the place for our linens. Everything is organized by child or purpose. The third shelf is dedicated to my oldest son and contains all of the materials he will need for the year while my youngest child’s books are on the bottom shelf. The top shelf is for books we have completed over the years. I’m hanging onto them because I’m sure when my boys are grown and out of the house I might want to look back at their work and remember their Kindergarten stage.

This is just the place that we house our materials for the year as well as extra school supplies. For the books and supplies that we use on a daily basis we generally keep those in the room (read: my home office) where we do our homeschooling each day just so we don’t have to keep going back and forth from room to room.

Do you homeschool? How do you organize your school materials for the year?

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