DIY Chalkboard Memo Boards for Kids #backtoschool

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Since painting my boy’s beds with chalkboard paint, I’ve become a little obsessed with the stuff. Today we are making another write-able surface for the boys to use in their room as well as a place to proudly hang and display their latest artwork, schoolwork, or mementos.

    Supplies Needed

    found at Walmart

  • Cork Tiles- Set of 4- $5.94
  • Fabric- $5.44/yd.
  • Chalkboard Spraypaint- $3.97
  • Spray Adhesive- $3.47
  • Picture Hanging Strips- $8.88
  • Push Pins- $2.50
  • Stapler
  • Fabric Scissors

Make-your-own Tiled Memo Board

Step 1: Spray 2 Cork Tiles with Chalkboard Paint. Spray two of the cork tiles with chalkboard paint. Allow first coat to dry before applying a second coat. Allow to dry completely before hanging on wall.

Step 2: Cut Fabric to Shape of Cork Tile. While the chalkboard paint is drying on two of the cork tiles, assemble the fabric tiles by first cutting your fabric about an inch larger than the actual cork tile itself. You want to have enough fabric around the edge of the tile so that you can fold it over and staple on the back.

Step 3: Spray with Spray Adhesive. To keep our fabric smooth on the front of our cork board, spray with adhesive and carefully place in the middle of our square of fabric.

Step 4: Fold over corners. Cut slits on each of the four corners of the tiles to make folding the fabric easier. Fold each side of fabric over and carefully staple to keep in place, be carefully that staples do not poke through the other side of the cork. Once all sides of fabric are secured to the back of the cork tile cut off any excess fabric at the corners. Allow to dry for at least 24 hours before hanging.

Step 5: Attach hangers to back of finished cork tiles. I opted to use the Command Picture Hanging Strips instead of the self-stick pads that came with the 4 cork tiles. I first positioned the hanging strips where I wanted them on the back of the tiles then peeled off the adhesive backing and stuck them with firm pressure to the cork tiles.

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Step 6: Hang on Wall. First position where you want your tiles to hang. When ready to secure to wall, remove the adhesive backing off of the second tab of the command picture hanging strips and press entire tile to wall.

Do you have a message center in your home?

Where do you display your kid’s “stuff”?

What was the last thing that you crafted?

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