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Can an iPad case be a fashionable accessory? I think so. Especially if you carry your iPad around with you as much as I do. Aside from my phone, my iPad isn’t usually that far from me. It’s been a great tool to keep up with blogging, homeschool, and just to have fun with.

Most of my long time readers would know that I’m OBSESSED with the damask pattern. My diva den/home office is done in the much-loved black and white pattern with pops of pink here or there. So when I saw the customizable iPad case at Caseable I just knew it was a must-have!

The Caseable iPad case is very sleek. Encasing my iPad, the Caseable makes my iPad almost look like a book. This case also “sleeps” my iPad when it is closed. This is a must-have feature that I look for when looking for an iPad case.

Inside, the suede material is very soft to the touch. I like the added addition of a pocket for holding papers when I need them. Plus I found that the suede interior surface helps my iPad to resist slipping. I was a little weary of the four corner bands that hold the iPad in the case but they have worked out very well. My iPad hasn’t slipped thus far and has stayed exactly where I’ve wanted it.

I’ve been testing out my new Caseable case for roughly a week now, using it in place of my previous case during normal everyday activities. My favorite position to use the Caseable case is to fold the case completely over and secure it with the elastic band that keeps the top flap closed.

It wasn’t until I decided to watch a video on my iPad that I found out what the rubber edges on the right of the Caseable case are actually for. When you stand your device up using the case, say on a table, the rubber edges help keep your device from slipping.

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One can completely customize a case for just about any electronic device using your own pictures and text or choose from pre-set designs that can be further customized with your name, initials, or website (like mine). The on-site customization tool was very easy to use with simple step by step instructions and dare I say it was kind of fun.

As a busy blogger who travels on occasion to various events. I like having my blog url displayed on my device. Besides being functional, a Caseable case is a great conversation piece. And the best part is that it is uniquely yours.

Thank you Caseable for giving me the opportunity to try out one of your customizable cases. For more information about Caseable and the various products they have customizable options for, check out

Disclosure: I was provided a customized sample of a Caseable iPad Case. However, although product was received, opinions are always my own.



  1. September 16, 2012 / 11:10 am

    Like you I’m OBSESSED with the damask pattern!!! I have to get one of these. I wonder if they have one for the Kindle Fire.
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    • September 20, 2012 / 12:50 am

      I think they do offer Kindle Fire cases that can be customized :)

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