A Blogger’s Desk Makeover: Thrifted Desk Painted with Chalkboard Paint

I have a fun DIY project that I’ve been biting my tounge about to share with you guys. I’ve had this old, thrifted, L-shaped desk for quite some time. This is MY desk. I am at this desk for a good portion of the day doing homeschool with the kidlets and blogging. I’ve been wanting to paint this desk for quite some time now. I’m just not a fan of the light, tan wood look. Besides after several years of daily use, this desk was starting to look a bit worn. The kidlet marker scribbles on the side of it weren’t helping anything either.

So, since I had some leftover paint from a previous DIY where we painted my kid’s beds with chalkboard paint I thought it would be just the thing my poor, old desk needed. I made it my mission to complete the project in a weekend since I had to be back to homeschooling and blogging the following Monday.

I couldn’t believe it, but the entire desk only required 1 can of Chalkboard Paint. I applied 2 coats of chalkboard paint with a brush allowing it to dry in between coats. The hardest part of painting this desk were the drawers and perhaps the underside but other than that I think the painting of the desk went by fast.

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I love the way this desk turned out. Who knew that just a couple of coats of paint could make such a difference!!! It feels like I have a whole new desk but really its just the same old, thrifted desk from before but now it’s a lot prettier. For those of you that don’t know my home office area is decorated in black and white damask with pops of pink. Which is also the only area of the house where pink is allowed since we are a household of all boys. So painting my desk with black chalkboard paint has really helped tie the room together.

My newly painted desk is so inviting now. I actually look forward to working in this space daily. Since this desk is now a writeable surface I can easily write to-do’s that I don’t need to forget or encouraging notes on it. So, if you’ve ever wondered what my blog space looks like, now you know ;)

I told you guys that I’m a little obsessed with chalkboard paint now. So you can probably guess that this is NOT going to be my last chalkboard paint project. In fact, I have a couple more transformations lined up in the coming weeks. Be sure you stay tuned!

What have you DIY’ed lately?


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