Build a Better Wardrobe with Thrift Store Finds

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As I quickly approach my 30’s I’ve been thinking a lot about my wardrobe. As I was recently scanning my closet looking for something to wear I noticed that I still had items in my closet from high school. High School? Really? It’s time to let those things go.
So throughout the week that followed I began to discard old items that I knew I would never wear again. It was important for me to not only toss the items that I had “outgrown” (read: items from high school) but also get rid of the items that just didn’t flatter this “new me”.

As I stare into my freshly purged closet, I can’t help but think of the style that I hope to one day portray. Rebuilding a wardrobe isn’t going to be easy but I hope to fill the empty spaces with pieces that not only fit my individual style but are also classic staple pieces to build a great wardrobe on. You gotta start with a good foundation, right?

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I’ve always been a thrift store shopper. I just love the thrill of the hunt for that unexpected find and I love to share the amazing deals I find. So during my quest to rebuild my wardrobe I thought I would share my fabulous finds here, whenever I come across them.

So the hunt begins. Last week, my finds were a black blazer and a pair of colored skinny jeans. Both of these items are “in” for fall. I’ve been looking for these two items for over a month now. I’m so glad I finally found them!

So how much were these thrifty finds? The pants were only $3.50 and the black blazer was $3.99! Awesome deals!!!

Do you like to go thrift store shopping?

If you have some extra time, click on over to one of my fabulous friends, Jennae of Green and Gorgeous to read some of her tips for tackling thrift store shopping. It’s a great read.

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