Hot Accessory Trend: Braced-Lets

There is a new arm candy trend on the block. Have you seen them? They are called Braced-lets. They are bracelets made out of the same orthodontic material as real braces.

Did you ever wear braces when you were young? I wore braces not once but twice during my life. I have many memories of the whole braces experience. I never thought that braces were “cool” on me. However, I think these Braced-lets are super cute. They remind me of my younger years yet in a fashionable way.

Braced-lets are different and fun! Pair them with your favorite arm candy or wear them alone. They come in a variety of different color combinations. Mix and match them or make a statement (example: the White Stripes inspired Braced-lets). Brace-lets aren’t just for tweens, celebs like Katy Perry in her music video “Wide Awake” have been spotted wearing them! Braced-lets are small, stretchy, and very light weight, I can barely tell I’m wearing them.

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What do you think of this new accessory trend? Will you be rockin’ the Braced-lets?

Disclosure: I was given samples of Brace-lets. Although product was received, opinions are my own.

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