It’s Pumpkin Carving Time!

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Let’s talk more about PUMPKINS!!!! The best part of October is all of the pumpkins. We’ve already talked about how to decorate a pumpkin with Duck Tape and even some delicious Pumpkin Spiced Treats. Today we are going the more traditional route and sharing how we carved our pumpkin this year.

Pumpkin carving is usually a fun family activity but pumpkin carving is an activity that we usually wait to do the week before Halloween.

I’m not good with coming up with pumpkin carving designs on my own, so I went to my local Walmart to get all of the supplies that we needed to carve an awesome looking pumpkin. We picked up a Pumpkin Masters Carving Party Kit which as all the templates and tools that we need to carve our pumpkin, as well as a strobe light to light up our pumpkin, and a potted owl purple mum to accompany our pumpkin creation on the front porch.

The first step to making carving our pumpkin was finding the perfect template. I opted to use two templates from the Pumpkin Masters carving kit, one that says welcome that we placed on the bottom of our pumpkin and another design of a owl and pumpkin.

Next we “traced” the design onto our pumpkin using one of the tools in the kit that would add tiny holes to our pumpkin.

After we finished tracing both designs onto our pumpkin it was time to start carving.

But before we began carving the actual design we cut a hole into the bottom of our pumpkin which was suggest by the Pumpkin Masters and scraped out as much of the inside as we could. We didn’t want the sides of our pumpkin to be too thick so with the scraping tool we concentrated on where our design would be placed and tried to thin the walls as much as possible.

After all of the insides were scraped out, we followed the pattern we had “traced” onto our pumpkin and carved our pumpkin using the various carving tools provided in our kit. The kit includes various sized carving tools so one can use the larger one for large areas and smaller ones for the smaller more detailed areas.

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Our finished pumpkin looks awesome not only during the day but at night as well. This is perhaps the coolest pumpkin we have carved thus far. I’m definitely looking forward to carving some more pumpkins as we near Halloween night using the rest of the templates in our Pumpkin Carving kit that we found at Walmart.

Do you carve pumpkins every year with your family?

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