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Do you carry business cards with you at all times? I used to be really good about keeping at least one or two contact cards with me but to be honest I just hate carrying them around. It seems like when I have them with me I don’t have the opportunity to hand them out but the times I opt not to carry them around with me is the time that I need them the most. So I’m back to carrying my contact cards with me but this time it is in a way that I don’t really have to think about.

Whenever I’m out whether it be at a blogging event, conference, or just chatting with the guy sitting next to me on the plane I always get the question: “so, what do you do?”. The best way I know how to answer that question is just to show them this blog. Most of the time if you tell a person a web address there is a good chance they won’t be able to remember it by the time they log into a computer that is why I like to have a contact card with me. That way they will have a reminder with them.

I was given the opportunity to try out Moo Mini Cards. I’ve been hearing about Moo for years now from some of my favorite blogs but never thought to give them a try myself. What I like the most about Moo Mini Cards is that they are different. Anyone that has been to a conference knows that it is good to have a card that stands out in the sea of other contact cards. Moo Mini Cards are small and has just enough info and personality on them to share your brand with the person you are giving the card to. However, I can not recommend Moo Mini Cards without the key ring holder. One thing I didn’t like about regular business cards was having to figure out a way to carry them in my purse. With Moo Mini Cards they are always on my keyring which is something I know I will always have with me. This makes my Moo Mini Cards a unique and convenient tool that I don’t have to think about.

Other times, however, I would like the option of a larger card. When I saw that Moo had Facebook Cards I though how neat are those!!! The best part is that Moo is currently offering a promotion of 50 Free Facebook Cards which was even better. I opted to try these out and used my Facebook Fanpage. If you look at my facebook fanpage and these cards, they are identical in design. I love them!

Moo Mini Cards and Facebook Cards are just two of the many options that Moo offers. So the next time someone asks me “so, what do you do?” I’ll be prepared and ready to hand them one of my customized Moo cards.

Do you carry a contact card with you? Have you ever tried Moo cards?

Disclosure: Moo provided me with my own set of Moo Mini & Facebook Cards. However, while product was received thoughts are still my own. My experience may differ from your own.

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