Happy New Year! Top Posts Recap 2012

Wow! Can you believe it’s 2013, already?!?! If you’ve been wondering, I took a short blogging break this past week to spend the holidays with family and refresh for the new year. Now that the new year is officially in full swing, I thought it would be fun to kick off our first post for 2013 with a recap of some of our most popular and favorite posts from the past year.

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This past year I tackled a lot of various DIY projects, one craft in particular that I enjoy doing in my spare time is creating my own jewelry. What I love about DIY jewelry is that it is one of a kind. For example, this Blinged-out Bangle I made using a little modge podge, glitter, and a wooden craft bangle. It was simple and quick but the finished result was stunning. I think it’s just a fun piece to wear.

I’m crazy about makeup. Since I began wearing makeup as a teen, it quickly became a passion of mine. This past year I started to share some of my own beauty secrets. One of the most popular makeup posts here at the Domestic Diva is my beauty tip for concealing dark circles with makeup. I may have accepted the fact that dark circles are just a part of my genetics but that doesn’t mean that I have to let them ruin my makeup look. As another new year begins, I hope to be able to share some more makeup tips in the future.

2012 was a busy year for us trying to manage and find that perfect balance between the domestic duties, homeschooling, blogging, etc. But when it’s time to get “work” done there is one space in my home that I refer to as my “sanctuary” and that is my home office. My home office is decorated as divaliciously as I could make it. In a household filled with superheroes, pink is a much loved color for this diva. In beautifying my blogging space however I decided that my thrifted office desk desperately needed a makeover. So with a little leftover chalkboard paint, my desk was completely transformed into a updated work space. I love how a thrifty find can be turned into something chic with the help of a little bit of paint.

In the past year I also did a little bit of an experiment with my hair in a quest to get it as healthy as possible. Long time readers of my blog would know that for the past couple of years I’ve been resisting the urge to get my hair cut and embracing my long flowing locks. The last time my hair was this long was nearly 9 years ago when I was pregnant with my first born. I can remember one of the things I didn’t like about having long hair in the past was how time consuming it was to dry it. Apparently I was drying my hair the wrong way and figured out a quicker solution which involves sectioning the hair and using a round metal barreled brush. Since I started drying my hair differently, I don’t dread drying my hair as much as I used to.

Every now and then I get a craving for something chocolaty. One of my favorite chocolate desserts has got to be this Triple Chocolate Icebox pie. It’s simple to put together and simply delicious after a long day. Just looking at that photo makes my mouth water.

I’ll admit that I am not a fan of packing. I always have that feeling that I’m going to forget something that I’ll need and trying to plan out what beauty products to bring with me while keeping the liquid size restrictions in mind is….well, a hassle. But somehow with each trip, I manage to pack what I need to pack and bring what I need to bring. One thing I started doing is instead of bringing sample sized products, I use carry-on approved bottles and fill them myself with my favorite shampoo, conditioner, lotion, etc. One problem however is that the bottles aren’t labeled and I defintely don’t want to apply lotion to my hair thinking its conditioner when I’m away from home. So, I decided to creating my own DIY Labels for Travel Liquids.

Thanks to Pinterest, this past year I became obsessed with painting my nails. I’ve tried many different nail looks over time but my favorite nails by far were when I tried out the DIY Gel Manicure Kit from Sally Hansen. Gel Nails, for me, are simply life changing and definitely time saving. I love that my manicure can last, most of the time, longer than a week when I use gel nail color. Gel nails are this Mom’s best friend.

This past year I also got over my fear of flower arrangements. I suprised myself when I was able to recreate a floral arrangement, that I saw on a recently trip with the Walmart Moms to Bentonville, AR., at home that I think came out beautifully. I love that feeling of accomplishment when you tackle a big project like making your own floral arrangements. I remember every time I would walk into my kitchen, where I displayed my floral arrangement, I would just beam with pride.

One thing of the things I’m most proud of from the past year is finally purging my closet. When I looked into my closet one day last year and saw clothes from high school still hanging up, I knew that now was the time to donate my old clothes and start building a better, hopefully more stylish wardrobe. One of my favorite places to find trendy pieces to add to my wardrobe is at a local thrift store. So far I’ve found some really great pieces from thrift shopping and I hope to continue to build a fabulous, rocker chic wardrobe in the new year.

Through blogging I’m sometimes given the opportunity to try out new products from companies that have contacted me. Through this I’ve discovered some really great brands that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise known about. I love to experiment with new things especially when it comes to my makeup. When trying out a new product from MAKE UP FOR EVER, I discovered that I really like the look of layering multiple colored eyeliners to create a subtle yet bold look at the same time. I’m definitely going to be rockin’ this look a lot more in the upcoming year.

I love a good challenge, when Walmart challenged me to decorate a pumpkin with Duck tape I had no idea that this project would have come out so cute! I just love that pumpkin stand. So much so that I just couldn’t pack it up with the rest of the Halloween decorations. Nope. I decided to repurpose it as a candy dish holder in my office :) I’m definitely going to be do this challenge again next year on my own. I’m not sure what I will decorate my pumpkin as next year just yet though. Any suggestions?

Now that the new year has officially begun, I’m looking forward to getting back to my regular posting schedule. During “my time off” I was compiling a list of upcoming post ideas that I’m excited to share with you guys. So stay tuned for those to start hitting the blog next week!

Speaking of the new year, does any one out there like to make new year’s resolutions? I’m not very good with resolutions I’ve come to find out. While I do have a few goals in mind, I’m not trying to etch them into stone or anything. I’d love to hear about what goals you would like to accomplish in the next year.

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