DIY: Easy Ways to Winterize Your Home

One of the DIY projects I’ve been putting off for a while is winterizing my home. Since we live in an older home, you can probably guess that there are some areas in our home that are down right cold. While we would love to have central heating and air it’s just not something we can do right now. With an older home we have to deal with older heating units that don’t want to work half of the time. So every little bit of heat in our house, we definitely want to hold onto.

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Products used from Walmart:

I was given the challenge from Walmart as a part of the Walmart Moms Program to winterize my home on a budget of only $35. So with a few ideas in mind I headed to my local Walmart to see what they had. Even though it only gets down to freezing here maybe once or twice a year, I definitely don’t want to risk freezing pipes. So I picked up a couple of inexpensive (only $.96 each) outdoor faucet covers that will hopefully keep the cold air out on the nights that we really need it. Attaching this to the faucet was super easy and only took a couple of minutes.

As I was browsing Walmart, I was really surprised at how affordable all of the products to winterize your home were. This weatherstrip seal for a door was only $4.97. On the box it stated that it was enough for one large door. We used this on the door that seemed to have the most cold air seeping in.

Some thing I would have never thought of unless I had seen the product in-store at Walmart are switch plate/outlet sealers. These were very easy to install as well and only required a screwdriver.

I’m glad I enlisted the help of my husband on tackling this project. While all of these products are easy to use, it always helps to have someone taller help out. One of the very first products I picked up at Walmart were these Window Kits that are clear shrink film you put on your windows that helps in keeping the cold air out. I knew these would make the biggest difference in our home as most of the cold air seems to be coming in through the cracks in the windows. These Windows Kits come with everything you need except for a hair dryer and scissors. The hair dryer is needed to “shrink” the wrap to your windows. After trying it out on a few windows my husband finally got the hang of it and the windows look like there is nothing on them at all (which proved difficult to take a picture of to show). When done right, the window film looks just like glass. When I place my hand up against the window now, I can definitely feel the different. Before I would feel air around the cracks but not now. These Window Kits took up the majority of our budget, but I think they made the biggest difference in winterizing our home.

My husband and I actually kind of enjoyed winterizing our home and it only took one evening to complete. I do have some other items I would like to get to winterize our home even further like adding a Water Heater Blanket and Double Draft Seal to the basement door.

Have you ever winterized your home? What kind of things do you do to your home to get it ready for the harsh winter months?

Walmart momDisclosure: As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received a giftcard to purchase the products mentioned and compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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