How-To: DIY Laptop Skin

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After adding a pop of pattern to my vanity shelves, I thought it was time to redesign my laptop skin which is something I use and look at quite frequently. I love my blinged-out, sparkly laptop skin but felt it was time for a change.

Supplies Needed:

  • Peel & Stick Laminate (decorative adhesive covering): I found the one I’m using in the Home section at Walmart, it is used as a shelf liner. I had some leftover from when I lined the shelves in my closet to create a makeup vanity.
  • scissors
  • a ruler or stiff card for smoothing it onto the laptop surface
  • pre-made guide

First, I removed my old skin from my laptop and removed any residue that was left behind. The goal was to make the surface as clean as possible so the new skin will stick.

After removing the old skin, I used it as a guide to cut out the new skin from the peel & stick laminate. If you do not have a pre-made guide, you can make one from a simple piece of paper or one can measure and cut accordingly using a ruler.

Once my new skin was cut out and the surface of my laptop free from dirt it was time to apply. I carefully peeled the backing from the laminate and starting at one corner applied the laminate. To apply the laminate smoothly I guided a hard card along the way to smooth out any bubbles.

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Changing out the skin on my laptop took hardly no time at all seeing as I had all of the supplies already on hand. It is amazing the difference in the way the laptop looks just by changing out the skin. As much as I loved the blinged-out laptop skin, I love the zebra print just the same. Sometimes it’s just fun to change the look of things every now and then.

Disclosure: please perform all crafts at your own risk. I can not verify that applying glue, contact paper, or any other thing to any electronic device will not mess it up, decrease it’s value, or ruin it for good. I am not an expert. I just wanted to share this fun craft project that I recently did in my own life. This worked for me, but it may not produce the same results for someone else.

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