DIY Beauty: Rock Feather Hair Extensions with Fine Featherheads

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Lately it seems that hair accessories have really begun to catch my eye. One easy way to accessories one’s hair is with color! I’ve already tried DIY hair chalking and even clip in colored hair extensions. But what are some other ways that one can accessories their hair that is both different and fun?

Why not feathers! I’m sure many of us have seen the hair feather trend perhaps on some of our favorite “stars” but how do they get that look? I recently received an email about a company called Fine Featherheads that carry the most adorable hair accessorizing products. I was given a couple of samples to try out for myself to see just how easy they are to apply yourself.

Fine Featherheads offers a variety of ways to rock the hair feather trend. One of them is with their DIY Hair Feathers. Each DIY Hair Feather Kit comes with 4 feathers bonded at the tip plus a loop tool and 2 silicon lined micro links which is just about everything that you need to apply feathers to your hair in the comfort of your own home. Check out the video below on how to install these feathers to your hair:

Fine Featherheads Presents : How to install DIY Feathers from Fine Featherheads on Vimeo.

Applying Fine Featherhead’s DIY Hair Feathers to my hair was fairly easy. I think the hardest part was probably deciding where I wanted to rock the feathers. One will need pliers to clamp the micro link shut. I used a paired of needle nose pliers that I had in my jewelry craft box and they worked out just fine. The purpose of the DIY Hair Feathers is to offer a semi-permanent way to wear feathers in one’s hair. Once in the hair, they can be treated just like your real hair. You can wash them, blow dry them, straighten, even curl them to match whatever style you are rocking that day. They blend in almost seamlessly with your natural hair.

But, maybe, the DIY Hair Feathers aren’t your cup of tea and your looking for another way to rock the feather trend but don’t want to rock them all the time. Enter Quill Clips. These fun little clips have five feathers attached to it. With the Quill Clips, you can easily clip the feathers into your hair on the days you want to rock feathers and on the days you don’t, one can easily unclip and remove. Just like other Fine Featherhead feathers the Quill Clips can also be curled or straightened with your natural hair.

It is hard to decide which Fine Featherhead product I like more. I like how easy the DIY Hair Feathers were to apply and how I didn’t have to think about them after they were in my hair. But at the same time I like how easy it is to clip in the quill clips and remove them at the end of the day. How fun would it be to have a several quill clip in different colors to match your mood or different outfits?

Disclosure: I received a sample of a DIY Hair Feather Kit and a Quill Clip from Fine Featherheads to try out for myself. All opinions are my own. My experience may differ from your own.

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