Organizing Summer Clutter with Rubbermaid

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I live in a household of all boys. When it comes to keeping the house clean and neat I rely on products that make it easy to stay organized. When I was asked by Walmart as a part of the Walmart Moms to try out Rubbermaid’s New All Access Storage Containers I knew this would be a product my family would get a lot of use out of.

When it comes to staying organized, the easier it is to use something the better. What makes the Rubbermaid All Access storage containers different from other containers is the clear, dropdown door at the front of the container that gives one easy access to the contents inside. This makes it easy to stack containers on top of one another yet still have easy access to what’s inside even if it is all the way on the bottom.

Rubbermaid’s All Access Storage Containers currently come in two sizes at Walmart: a medium 14 gallon container and small 11 gallon container These containers also come in a handful of colors to match one’s decor. My personal favorite is the turquoise. One can also find these containers sold individually in Walmart stores or you can buy sets of 2 on ($22.47-$29.94).

So what exactly can you use these storage containers for? Like I mentioned before I live in a household of all boys and I’ve found it to be helpful to try and make sure that everything has a designated space which in turns makes clean up a lot easier. Before, our backyard used to be littered with forgotten toys. I used one of the medium Rubbermaid All Access storage containers as the place that all of the backyard toys need to be when not in use. This helps when it comes time to cut the grass and just overall makes the backyard look very neat. It stores easily under the deck and the kidlets have easy access to their toys when they want to play with them. This Rubbermaid All Access storage container may say “medium” but it can definitely hold a lot.

Until we need the other medium container outside for toys I decided to use it indoors as a library book holder. There is nothing worse than going to return library books and come to find out that one is missing in the house. With little kids in the house we get a lot of library books on a regular basis. I like that the kids can find what book they want to read through the clear dropdown door and access it just as easily. When it is time to take the books back to the library, I empty the container and fill it back up with a new set of checked out books.

What about the two small containers? These colorful containers have a home in my office. I stacked them and they fit perfectly underneath my work table and holds everything I need easy access to. I’m in love with the turquoise color. I’m also enjoying having a designated space to put the stuff that I’m currently working on instead of having it strewn thoughout my office.

How do you organize kidlet clutter? What would you use Rubbermaid’s All Access Storage Containers for?

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