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Summer is in full swing. Even though our summer has been on the rainy side this year, we are still trying to enjoy the warm sunshine as much as possible. When the weather is right the kidlets are usually outside enjoying some outdoor sports (we like to have family badminton tournaments) and I’m usually hanging out on the deck, grilling, or tending to the yard/garden.

When it comes to enjoying the outdoors whether it be in our own backyard or at the beach, there are some precautions we take to keep our skin protected. My skin either freckles or burns when in the sun so I always have some sort of sunscreen in my beauty bag.

There are many different types of sunscreen that it can be challenging figuring out what type to use. I was given the opportunity as a part of the Walmart Moms to try out several different kinds of sunscreen that Walmart has to offer. For the kids, I usually pick out a sunscreen that is specifically for them. Coppertone Kids Wacky Foam ($8.97) is a unique, kid’s sunscreen that is a foam rather than a regular lotion which is a different, fun way to apply sunscreen.

For me, I love the ease of use of a continuous spray sunscreen like Neutrogena Beach Defense ($7.97) because its quick and easy to apply. Continuous spray sunscreens are great when applying sunscreen alone because you can easily cover those hard to reach areas like your back. Walmart also carries budget-friendly sun protection like Equate Sport Sunscreen for $5.00.

When looking for sunscreen for my family, I usually look for water-resistant with high broad spectrum SPF protection. We also try to cover our skin as much as possible (without being too hot) when outdoors. For example the boys when they go swimming they like to wear “surfer shirts” and I like to wear a hat when out in the sun for long periods of time.

Because of all the rain that we have had this year, the mosquitoes seem to be pretty bad this year. We definitely can’t be outside more than a few minutes before we start being bit. Mosquito repellant is something we NEED to have on hand at all times at our house. I was also given a sample of Off! Family Care Smooth & Dry Insect Repellant that Walmart carries in their stores for around $4.97. I’ve never really put much thought into what insect repellant smells like until we tried out this product. The first thing I noticed when I applied the Off! Smooth & Dry was that it didn’t smell like a typical insect repellant. It has a pleasant floral scent to it. When I asked my husband what he thought of the smell, he liked it but had no clue that it was an insect repellant. I also noticed that it didn’t make my skin sticky, shiny, or oily. It also does a good job of repelling mosquitoes which is what I would expect from the Off! brand. I thought that this Off! Smooth & Dry would be like all of the other varieties of insect repellant that I’ve tried over the years, I was surprised that I liked it so much and how quickly it has become a favorite.

I hope you are enjoying your summer! How do you protect your skin during the summer months?

Walmart momDisclosure: As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post as well as given samples of the products mentioned in this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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