DIY: Personalize your iPhone Charger in 3 Easy Steps

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I love to personalize my things. It’s just a fun way to make something stand out in the crowd. Personalizing your things is also a great conversation starter. At a blog conference for example someone may ask where did you get your laptop skin?. It’s kind of fun to respond & say: “I made it, myself!“.

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I first saw the idea of personalizing an iPhone charger from several different pins on Pinterest (my favorite website, hands down) using anything from glitter to washi tape. Since I have already customized my netbook with a zebra pattern, I thought how perfect would it be to have a matching iPhone Charger which is something I often travel with as well. So I looked at the supplies that I had, and decided to customize my iPhone Charger with some leftover contact paper I had from making a laptop skin and adding a pop of pattern to my closet shelves. Since back-to-school is right around the corner, many office supply stores will be carrying all kinds of different patterns of contact paper. I just so happen to like zebra print (like, a lot) which is what I had on hand to do this tutorial.

Step 1: lay your contact paper out flat with the pattern facing down. On the back of contact paper are easy to follow rows of dots that makes cutting super easy. Measure your iPhone charger by rolling the contact paper around it with the paper backing still attached. Unfold and make a cut so that when it’s time to apply it will wrap all the way around the charger overlapping just a little where the two ends meet. When I measured I cut my contact paper 3 circles wide and about 17 circles long.

Peel off the paper backing and place pattern side down on a table. Take your charger and place in the center.

Once centered, wrap the remaining ends around your charger smoothing out any lumps or bubbles. Like I mentioned earlier I did have a little leftover that overlapped but that is fine as it will be on the bottom so it will not be seen often.

And that’s it. Plug in and enjoy! How simple is that? And look at how cute that little charger is now.

What have you added a personal touch to?

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